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on Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:13 am
"Rough day?", she asked, approaching the far end corner of the bar, next to a rather heavy drinker. Now that she got close, one look confirmed her suspicions.

"Guess you can put it like that...", he stated, drinking his whole glass of vodka in one gulp and immediately ordering himself another.

Visibly drowning his sorrows, this guy was doing nothing but drinking himself to an early grave. And coming from another heavy drinker like Mel, that's saying a lot. Such a waste, he was pretty cute too, far too cute to be left in this state. Like the good samaritan she was, Mel couldn't really leave him like this now, could she? Alas, it wasn't all about being a good samaritan: Mel loved making an impact, one big enough that person in question wouldn't easily forget her. People whose virginity she took would keep her in their hearts forever... And people whose rebound with her felt better than their previous relationship obviously wouldn't forget her either...

"As fun as that might seem...", she pointed towards his empty glass, looking into his brown eyes as she leaned slightly over the counter, "There are better alternatives y'know?", with that her smile widened into a playful, salacious look, one that left even the densest of men with little doubt as to her desire, "At least, alternatives you won't regret tomorrow morning~ ...Name's Melanie by the way."

With these words, she reached her hand for his arm, as if trying to turn his attention from the booze to herself. And for a moment, it worked... But then it didn't. Though he obviously considered when he glanced down her elegant, perky figure, he ultimately turned back to the bartender and ordered herself another drink.

"No offense, you're very pretty... But I'm really not in the mood. Sorry.", he chugged a good bit of his drink, almost expecting her to leave... But when she didn't, he forced a smile, "I'm Miles...", naturally the conversation got awkward from that point on, but he was completely drunk, and shrugged it off almost as fast as she shrugged off the rejection... And turned into a drunken ramble, "I just... Wish she knew what this feels like. Just get your heart ripped out of your chest of nowhere!", he gestured his hand to his chest, then chugged the rest of his drink.

Hey, hey... Should this guy really keep drinking? At this rate, he's gonna pass out and people will think she did something. Melanie looked at the bartender, who just shrugged when their eyes met. Why is he not cut off yet?!

"I can relate...", she answered with an awkward smile, knowing she'd put plenty of people in this guy's shoes throughout her life, and for that reason could never resent the guy who did the same to her, "But still, you really shou-"

But he didn't even let her finish.

"That's right, you should show her!", he grinned almost evilly, the first smile he'd ever shown her, "See that blond guy over there?"

"Mhmm...", she nodded, bringing her head close to his arm so she could properly see who he was pointing to, and nibbled her lip once she finally spotted him

"You should hit on him. Hell, I'll even pay you if that's what it takes."

Mel would have said something about how she liked being paid for sex even less than she liked paying for it, but something in her told her not to.
Among the many conversations on this topic with her male friends, most were adamant guys wanted any woman that wasn't ugly, while women wanted exceptional men; and in that sense Melanie's honest, unrestrained sex drive was more manly than anything. Since she was neither a guy nor was she like most girls, she naturally took these words with a grain of salt... But while she may have a different prespective when it comes to sex, that view gets turned upside down when it comes to love... As it truly took an exceptional person to earn her love.

Thus, something resonated within her, a first hand reminder of the kind of pain she carelessly inflicted on others who believed having sex with her meant she loved them. And though she was also not likely to let a cute guy drink himself to death, a different argument sealed the deal: The man he pointed to was really cute. And Miles would give her money for taking him from his new girlfriend? A small part of her felt awful doing this, but her lust spoke louder.

Incorrigible maneater through and through...

Now, the real problem was getting to him, Mike his name was. He was also visibly drunk, more so than Melanie but not nearly as much as Miles. It seemed odd that Miles had been sharing this space with the guy who took his girl and did nothing about it, but he appeared to put the entirety of the blame on his cheating girlfriend. No matter... To his credit, she didn't have to say much, but being in a nightclub makes just everyone a good bit easier, especially with a couple of drinks in your system. Mel defenitely enjoys putting the moves on people, and that's exactly what she did, getting closer and closer, making her way through the dancefloor.

Once she'd gotten close enough that they could look into each other's eyes and smile, maybe exchange a couple of inaudible words, she had won. Soon Mel wasn't so much dancing as she was using every opportunity to press her body against his. A hand on his shoulder and a few teasing words to his ears were all it took for the guy to wrap his arms around her waist and press his lips to hers. A hot, passionate kiss, uncharacteristic of someone who supposedly just started a relationship with another woman...

But he stopped halfway through, pulling himself away from her... But she didn't relent, "Do you have a girlfriend?", Mel stood on her tiptoes, her lips close to his ear in the only way to make herself heard under the loud music.

He couldn't even bring himself to answer, yet his silence sufficed, "That's fine, I don't really care~", she whispered again, this time nibbling his earlobe as she pressed herself back in.

Perhaps if he were sober he might have been able to say no to her. But not like this. Once she pushed her chest against him and looked into his eyes, he kissed her again with renewed vigor. And this time he didn't stop. With their hands all over each other and nobody saying 'no', there was only one place this could end... Actually two of them: his bed or hers...

...It would be a couple of days until Miles finally sent that text message they agreed on. She went out with Mike a few more times, and though they obviously had a shared interest in parties and sleeping around, but not much else. He was effectively the kind of guy Mel wouldn't bother sleeping with a second time, unless she still had something to accomplish. Of course, when she went to Miles' appartment to pick up her payment, her eyes widened at his state: In bed with a woman, the same ex he spent the night drinking over and rambling about, before finally conspiring against. He assured Melanie that wasn't his intention to begin with, but she just shrugged.

That really was none of her business; what really mattered was, she had fun.

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