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Retrieve the Stolen "Stolen Goods" [Mission] Empty Retrieve the Stolen "Stolen Goods" [Mission]

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:48 am
Norte had just gotten off of the plane, and he closed his eyes to settle himself while he took a deep breath. He had drunk a little too much during the flight, and he needed to sober up a bit before he hopped on his shuttle to head off to the baggage claim area. The crowds surrounding him surged past without a second thought, leaving the flustered and drunken young elite standing there among a sea of travelers. He did his best to regain his composure and focus on the various signs leading to the shuttle headed to baggage claim. It was very important that Norte retrieve his luggage as it was full of valuables he'd stolen from his father's estate, and that he intended to sell in the Bull Market to fund his livelihood before he could take the Hunter exam. He certainly wouldn't subject himself to menial labor, and he wasn't quite sure how long it would be before the next annual Hunter Exam was held. Norte had flown here to Yorkshun as it was the easiest location to get rid of "hot" merchandise in a subjectively legal manner. He'd had to check the baggage, which while risky, was necessary due to the weight of the luggage and its contents.

So Norte hopped aboard the correct tram, stopping only to get a drink of water and splash a bit of the chilled liquid onto the pallid skin of his face before he did so, and found a seat before he was forced to stand for the duration of the travel. The motion of the tram was slightly unpleasant, but Norte was able to maintain his composure while trying to hold back the urge to vomit he'd had since landing. He had flown many times before so he was rather used to the hurdles one had to jump through during both arrival and departure, and his main concern was most certainly getting to the hotel before he was overtaken by nausea and forced to retch and heave over the inadequately cleaned toilets of an airport restroom. Luckily for Norte, the tram ride was only a couple of minutes long and while everyone else began to exit the compartment he caught his breath for a short moment before following them all out. The crowd split up into several smaller mobs of people, and Norte joined the pack of fliers that was headed towards his own destination. Still not quite awake, Norte's feet shuffled ahead as he rubbed his right temple gently while letting out a tired yawn. Yorkshun was almost half way around the world from Norte's home on the southern tip of the Azian continent so he understandably had a bit of jet lag despite it being mid afternoon.

Even sleepy and a tad drunk, Norte had little difficulty finding his bags as they came along on the massive conveyor belt carousel. He had had most of his personal belongings flown over to the hotel before him, but because he was paying for the shipping with his father's credit card he couldn't very well smuggle the man's treasures in the same way. At least not without leaving a very incriminating paper trail. Norte also didn't trust the shipping company with his treasured trumpet, a Wach Cladistarius 190S48, so he'd paid the extra fee to take it on as his carry on. Tossing the bag with various stolen treasures over his shoulder, and clutching his trumpet case tightly in hand, Norte tiredly shambled out towards the exit. He was starting to recover some sense of normalcy, but his nausea was still present and he had the slight urge to just sit down and take a nap. Thinking back on it, Norte truly regretted saying yes to that last Tequila Sunrise. That had certainly been what pushed him over the edge from a bubbly drunk to a muggy drunk. He just wanted to flag his taxi down and rest his eyes for a bit before he could lie down in his bed for a few hours. So when he saw the automatic exit doors to the airport, Norte picked up his pace a bit until he reached the shuttle bus that would take him into the city proper.

It was about half an hour before the bus had reached its destination, and after using that time to get a small semblance of sleep, Norte was feeling quite a bit better; albeit still a bit buzzed. At the very least, he was able to step off the bus without trouble and step off to the side of the street before he was pushed along with the massive crowds bustling through the Yorkshun city streets. Norte looked up towards the impossibly tall skyscrapers that lined the skies of the city, still impressed with their towering presence even after seeing them many times. As he was admiring the gargantuan industrial marvels, Norte didn't notice that one of the speeding vehicles of the street was approaching him a tad too close for comfort nor that its rider had brandished a knife. He looked back down and stepped back just to see the blur of white that passed him as his bag of valuables was tugged from his shoulder and taken along for the ride. It took Norte a split second to process what had just happened before he realized that his livelihood had just disappeared into the sea of Yorkshun city traffic. Once he'd grasped the situation however, his grogginess immediately left him and he sobered up instantly. The panic of his current crisis had overtaken his mind and he dashed in the direction he saw the thief had taken, his trumpet still firmly grasped in hand. "Thief! Thief! He's got my bag!" Norte shouted as he sprinted as fast as he could, hoping the sea of cars would slow down the moped burglar enough for him to catch up.

Norte continued sprinting at full speed, unable to know if he was keeping up at all, but unwilling to give up on what would soon become his livelihood until the Hunter Exam. He caught a lucky break as he approached the next stoplight and caught a glimpse of the man's helmet in the right turning lane. Norte continued sprinting in an attempt to cut off the accursed thief, breathing heavily but not slowing down for a second. As he made his own right turn he saw that the moped man was approaching and had likely noticed that his theft target was in hot pursuit. Norte could see that he was trying to merge into another lane, but the young elite wasn't about to let that happen. He made a leaping dash and leaped onto the back of the moped, surfing on the back seat and throwing it off balance into a wheelie. The immediate balance shift was a bit much for Norte, and his feet fell out from under him causing him to stumble off. He quickly grabbed onto the seat from the other side and used his own feet to support himself as he clung to the side of the now wobbling moped as it sped through Yorkshun. The thief panicked and tried to ram his stowaway into a nearby van, but despite the crushing pain of having his back slammed into another vehicle Norte didn't falter. Instead, he used his free hand to try and wrestle the bag out from in front of the thief. The moped rider wasn't about to give up that easily though, and he swung his knife out at Norte's face in a horizontal arc. The blade stopped with a sharp clang, clenched between Norte's teeth as the young elite swung his head and spit the blade out onto the street. His eyes burned with an intense rage in scarlet red, and the thief recoiled in shock and fear from the insane move. Norte's adrenaline and determination had allowed him to call on focus and strength he might not otherwise have been able to, and he reached up to grab the thief's collar and bring the whole bike down among the traffic to get his luggage back. The thief panicked and grabbed a small golden figure out of the bag and whacked Norte's hand and face with it multiple times, all the while screaming, "Ya want it back, ya freak? Take it!" One of his swings landed on the hand Norte was supporting himself with and he lost his grip. He reached out at the statue with that hand, but the thief let go at that moment, causing Norte to fall off the moped among the traffic himself; figure in hand.

He picked himself up quickly and started jogging back onto the sidewalk to pursue him more, but his legs gave out from under him. His body was bruised and beaten from the high speed fall, and all he had to show for it was some stupid figure probably worth no more than a thousand Jenny. Norte couldn't believe that such a thing had happened to him here in Yorkshun. He'd been here many times before with his family and never once been the target of such malice. The newly ousted young heir couldn't help but think that his luck might be changing for the worse now that he'd been disowned. He still had his father's credit card for a short time before that was discovered and cancelled, but he needed a way to make some money easily in the meantime before the Hunter Exam. Norte pondered what he might do as he headed off to find a pawn shop that would take his one reclaimed "Stolen Good."

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