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Jazz in your face [Mission] Empty Jazz in your face [Mission]

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:55 pm
Melanie arrived at the Lazy Lady bar with high expectations. She'd heard they had a pretty good jazz band playing here. That's not to say Jazz was her favorite type of music, rather, Melanie loved music as a whole. She loved hip hop for it's poetic poetential, electronic music for it's dancing vibe, rock for it's heartfelt energy, and many more... But as a singer herself and former vocalist of a high school rock band, that form of art had always been a part of her as much as poetry. So she sat at the bar, and was immediately greeted by an old bartender with a mustache, just as he cleaned a glass: "Good evening, miss...! What can I get ya?", he asked with a casual, approachable tone

Though not one to refuse an offer for drinks, Melanie found the silence odd... She was already late for the concert, yet nobody was up on stage:

"Let's see... I'll have a Cosmo.", with these words and a returned smile, the bartender walked off to make Melanie's cocktail, though not before being stopped in his tracks, "By the way, what happened to that Jazz concert?"

"Ain't happenin girl.", answered the fine dressed man sitting two benches away from her, cutting right ahead of the barman and drawing Melanie's attention to himself

The tuxedo clad black man stirred his whiskey, or rather, what was left of it, and chugged it down in one go. Nearing his forties, the man had classy look with neatly shaved hair and beard, and even more finely groomed outfit, clearly made from fine quality fabrics. He was dressed well enough to take a place on the stage as a singer, musician or both, and as Melly would soon find out, that was exactly what he wanted to be doing.

"And why is that?", she inquired, folding her arms over the counter, before raising one forearm to gracefully rest her chin over her palm.

"Because I was supposed to giving that concert with the rest of my band.", explained the man with a smooth but visibly forced smile on his lips, "Name's Dwayne, sax player. The reason I'm here and not up there right now is our lead singer. She won't be singing anytime soon, at least not until her throat gets better."

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Jazz in your face [Mission] Empty Re: Jazz in your face [Mission]

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:36 pm
He warmed up to Melanie quickly enough, perhaps sensing a genuine interest in music, or possibly a more carnal interest, the sort men often gave her. Whichever his guess was, both would be true, but then, as if a girl like Melanie needed an excuse to find out which. She sipped a bit of her cocktail as it reached her hands and her eyes narrowed with an alluring smile as she moved closer to her new acquaintance:

"Perhaps there's...", she rested a hand over his, leaning in slightly and allowing a cursory glance into her cleavage, "Something... I could do to help."

Leave it to Melanie to sound sensual even with a genuine offer for assistance. But whether a handsome man need relief from his anguish, or an actual solution to the problem, what kind of samartian would she be if she let this slide? Seducing straight men came easy enough for a girl like here, even committed ones. Of course, men who clearly had no issues finding lovers when they wanted one could easily prove challenging if they had greater concerns on their mind:

"Heh...", he chuckled as another glass of scotch got served to him, "Unless you can somehow come up with replacement vocals, not interested."

"That can also be arranged.", not the least bit shaken by the rejection, Melly's confidence actually rose to the challenge.

The man finally turned back to her with a faintly surprised look, finding that confident, determined smirk. Indeed Melanie had sung before. Most of that had been done in the shower, but she did sing her fair share of concerts. There was motive to her self assurance, and an experienced showman like this spotted it soon enough:

"Doesn't sound like you're all talk... Fine, follow me."

With these words, the man turned around and headed backstage. He didn't bother glancing back and confirming she was indeed following him; Mel would follow if he really wanted to. Which she did. Though she had been the one leaving the band and effectively breaking it, she missed that feeling... Standing up on a stage, with everyone's eyes on her. Was it a coincidence that she had this voice? Probably not, some things are just meant to be.

There she was introduced to the band; drums, piano, cello, trumpet, and last but not least, vocals... The woman sleeping peacefully on the couch. Six total, including Dwayne and sax. Aside from her, all the members were male, "Now, show me what you got.", challenged Dwayne with a grin, sitting back with his bandmates

Moment of truth. Could Melanie still sing like she did a a few years back when she was still in highschool? She took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and got ready to project her voice. Her singing voice sounded a bit lower than her usual speech, when she fully revealed her talent as a well practiced, five octave mezzo soprano:

"Hush now, don't explain... Just say you'll remain... I'm glad you're back, don't explain..."

Oh yeah, still got it. One by one the surprised band members let their jaws drop, one by one... The band's look was one of surprise, to think a singer matching their own in skill just happen to walk in when they needed her. They had to change some arrangements to fit Melanie's voice, and she had to freshen up some more lyrics to sing. But not long after that, the setting had changed...

...She tugged at the audience's heartstrings like Tom did to his Cello. And all in all, impressed them even more than she did the band members thirty minutes ago.

"Quiet, don't explain... What is there to gain... Skip that lipstick... Don't explain..."

She had swapped her casual pants and top for a proper red dress matching her eyes, borrowed from the band's actual vocalist, and they quickly worked out a set of five jazz songs whose lyrics she still remembered. And there you have it. Even though she found Dwayne had no interest in cheating on his wife who just happened to be the sick vocalist, she wound up not seducing any other member of the band. An admirer from the audience took their place, presenting her with flowers after she stepped off the stage.

...Of course, she only left after Dwayne paid her share of that night's earnings and made her promise to jam with them sometime.

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