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Nen Showcase [Mission] Empty Nen Showcase [Mission]

on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:45 pm
Another day, another dollar. Shin was drifting through the bustling crowds of Yorkshun on his way to meet with a man named Bill Nye. Bill had requested for someone with the ability to use nen as he apparently had a contraption he wanted to test. Well, that was all that was written on the request sheet he had pasted across town. While most of the public simply ignored this request -possibly because they did not know of nen or did not have access to it- it had caught Shin's attention. He was intrigued to see what Bill had created and wanted to be involved. Hopefully, Bill was not just some mad scientist.

Within ten minutes, Shin knocked on a wooden door. After a few moment, a man with a lab coat and grey hair appeared. He appeared to have a lack of sleep as bags hung under his eyes and he was obviously being fueled by large amount of coffee. Not a great first impression. "Oh my, you must be the person who contacted me for my request. Come in, come in!" Bill said as he motioned for Shin to come in, locking the door behind them. His office was one large room that was filled with clutter. At one end were different computer parts and at another were blue prints for future projects. In the middle was an arcade style gaming system. Before Shin could get any closer, Bill stopped him in his tracks. "This right here is my nen teleporter. I had to make some changes on the inside and infuse it with nen which took me a while but it's now complete. I think. I just need to test it on a human test subject aka you. If you survive, you'll get some money and if you die...you die!" Bill rambled on as he cleaned up the area around the teleporter. Well, Shin was now stuck in this mess. He could have simply kicked the door down and walked off but that would be rude and inconsiderate. As Shin stood and thought of what to do, Bill placed a half-eaten apple atop the machine and placed both hands on the side. As it began to release aura, the apple disappeared, only to reappear on the other side of the room. Awe struck, Shin slowly walked towards the machine.

"Alright, just place your hands on the side and think of where you want to teleport in this room."
Following his lead, Shin placed both hands on either side of the teleporter. As he allowed his nen to power up the machine, in a quick instant he was on the side of the room that was littered with blue prints. Clapping his hands and jumping around happily was Bill, tears in his eyes. "YES! YES! YES! It works! I can auction it off at the upcoming auction! Thank you so much!" Bill exclaimed as he pulled out some money to give for a job well done. Grasping the money, Bill unlocked the door and allowed him to leave. Bill Nye the nen guy, one interesting fellow.

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