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Sora Kikumaru Empty Sora Kikumaru

on Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:37 am
Sora Kikumaru Sakura.Kyouko.240.1813421

Name: Sora Kikumaru
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Status: Civillian
Nen Type: Transmuter

Faceclaim: Kyouko Sakura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Height: 158cm
Weight: 55kg
Description: A small girl of only just over five feet, Sora has scarlet red eyes, a colour that is prominent in most items she wears or chooses to carry. With matching coloured hair that is almost as long as she is tall, stopping just below her waist, it will usually be found styled down with a fringe, but she has been known to change it up for different occasions, such as combat.A black ribbon is often found tied in her hair to keep it in its desired place, often found at the top of her head. In terms of clothing, the most common outfit for Sora to be found in is a red dress with white trim and a white, pleated skirt, completed with white arm sleeves that go halfway up her bicep, along with black thigh high tights, and white-cuffed red boots to go with her aesthetic.

Personality: On the surface, one would think Sora a rather easy girl to read. She is young, she likes pretty things and she dislikes eating her vegetables. To many, that would be more than enough to gain some level of understanding towards her character. To many, they would gain an incorrect perception of Sora's true character. While it is true that Sora is, at least in a very basic sense, the most stereotypical teenage girl, there is much more to her.

For a start, Sora knows a great deal about blacksmithing, having been raised by her father, a master blacksmith in the village. From this, she has gained a level of understanding many lack when it comes to forging and, more importantly, wielding many different types of weapons, which allows her to easily gain a basic proficiency with any weapon she grasps, even if its for the first time. This broadens into her love of books and reading, as much of what she has learned has come from books, whether they be fictional stories about a prince rescuing a princess from a dragon, or factual depictions of weapons or other such topics many would deem 'inappropriate' for a girl of her age.

The final aspect of Sora once again stems from her upbringing as a blacksmith, at least before she became neglected by her father: she greatly enjoys the experience of combat. Whether it be training, a simple sparring match, or tournament final, Sora loves being surrounded by combat and being able to demonstrate her prowess on the battlefield. And, while she has never had to do such a thing before, she often ponders how she will react in a fight to the death, where she will be required to take the life of another. She understands that, in the current world, that day may come, and while it is not something she is looking forward to, she does not plan on dying any time soon.


  • Sweets
  • Fighting
  • Books


  • Bad People
  • Vegetables
  • Insects

History: Sora's past is a rarely spoken topic, mostly because it isn't extremely interesting or worth mention in her opinion. Born to a happy, if a little mediocre, family of blacksmiths, she was raised into the family business, much to her own displeasure. Her father, a burly, tough, well respected man in the village in which she lived, had wanted a son to carry on the family name and business, but had unfortunately been given a daughter, which he reluctantly trained in the art of metalsmithing. However, not long after his daughter turned twelve years old and was beginning to master the art, the family grew by one more, and a son was born. From that moment on, Sora's father completely neglected his daughter in favour of his new son, despite Sora's impressive grasp on smithing at her age.

Coming to terms with the fact that her father would always favour her brother, Sora became close with her mother who, having given birth to two children in the space of twelve years, had settled down as a housewife, relying solely on her husband to bring home the money from selling his wares. She tried to teach this way of life to her daughter, but it was dull and repetitive, two things Sora never wanted to live around.  And so, understanding that she would never truly be accepted by her father and hating the life desired for her by her mother, Sora decided to leave home at the young age of fifteen, to pursue her own career and learn more about the world outside her small village. She often thinks of her family, but she has yet to look back.

Hunter Type: At present, Sora doesn't know what kind of Hunter she'd like to be, if she wishes to be one at all.

Primary Hatsu Name: -
Description: -

Strength: D
Speed: F
Durability: E
Nen Points: 4

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Sora Kikumaru Empty Re: Sora Kikumaru

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:18 pm
Completed, having used the Nen Wheel I will be needing 50 extra aura and lvl 2 Hatsu (whenever I learn Nen)
Norte Estrella
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Sora Kikumaru Empty Re: Sora Kikumaru

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:12 pm
Approved and ready to go.
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Sora Kikumaru Empty Re: Sora Kikumaru

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