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Kid Dreams [C] Empty Kid Dreams [C]

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:34 pm

Kid Dreams [C] Sariel_3


All in all, Sariel loves her job. She gets to meet a bunch of people she wouldn't have met if she wasn't a hunter and gets to do things that only hunters can do! Like for example, the family she was currently helping out. A man and a woman were in tears when they had decided to call her. Apparently their son had run from home, which, so far, was a usual call. What made it different was that the kid left a note that said he was going to become a hunter. Can you believe it? Of all the things to run away for, he choice to be a hunter. Sariel couldn't help but laugh while she was talking to the clients.

Fast forward a good half an hour and Sariel was in downtown Yorkshun, holding a picture of Vincent from when he was but a wee lad. "Ugh. This kid couldn't have chose a worse city to runaway in. There's so many goddamn people!" She lashed out in a fit of frustration, directed to nobody in particular. And she was right, Yorkshun did have a lot of people. It was expected since the auction house was due to open sometime soon, thus all the rich and poor people gather around downtown to bet away their money on useless junk that looks pretty.

"You know what? Maybe this kid should be a hunter. Most of them are annoying and hard to find anyways, he'd be a pro in no time." She grumbled in annoyance. It was really ticking her off on how finding one kid would be taking her this long.

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Kid Dreams [C] Empty Re: Kid Dreams [C]

on Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:30 am
One week. It had been one long grueling week since Vincent arrived to Yorkshun city. He had been through a lot. He was; beat up by a gang of small children. Then conned out of his money. Now he's forced to wear the same old rags he wore the day before and live alongside some cool, yet filthy homeless people. Then again, Vincent was technically homeless as well? A sigh escaped from Vincent mouth. His breath made the large fire before him tremble before stabilizing once again.

"Somethin' wrong Vince boy?" Asked Dimitri, one of the better people among this group strewn about underneath the bridge.

"This whole fucking thing is wrong! I came here to be a Hunter, not some hobo underneath the bridge!" Vincent said rising from his partially destroyed chair. Yet he made sure not to have his still cooking weenie touch the ground lest he want gravel in his dinner.

"First, we are the homeless not hobos. Second, nobody chooses this life Vincent. We are here for a multitude of reasons." Dimitri said leaving his argument at that. Dimitri looked back at the fire with melancholy in his eyes. Vincent too resumed looking at the fire. This wasn't the first time he had an outburst and it wouldn't be the last.

Vincent had a choice on whether he stayed homeless. He could go back home with his tail between his legs. Admitting defeat to those invisible invaders. He simply refused to do so. Thus, Vincent ate his weenies on a stick and crawled underneath his worn and torn blanket.

"Night Vince boy." Dmitri called out from a few feet away. Dimitri had been the one to reach out to him when he was lost and alone. While this lifestyle isn't great it certainly is better than dying from exposure, dehydration, or hunger. Hell, it was even Dimitri that gave Vincent the same blanket he was sleeping with and the mattress he was sleeping on.

"Night Dimitri," Vincent replied. Although this blanket smelled awful, it carried with it kindness.

"Anybody got some spare change!?" Vincent called out into the mindless masses of Yorkshun city. It was a new day, and a new grind. Vincent has not given up on becoming a Hunter, far from it. He begged for change in the morning during rush hour. The rest of the time he went out looking for hints, any kind on when the next Hunter's exam is.

Until that time came Vincent continued shouting and shaking his can.
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Kid Dreams [C] Empty Re: Kid Dreams [C]

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:51 am
[quote="Hakuna Matata"]
Kid Dreams [C] Sariel_3


She looked at the kid. She looked at the picture. She looked back at the kid before looking to the picture again.

Sariel sighed. This wasn’t the first time she’s seen a failed attempt at becoming a hunter. There have been many kids before Vincent, though most wouldn’t have survived a week from home by themselves, so hey, at least he was alive. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to go back to a client and tell them that their child is dead. It’s painful for both sides.

Sariel bent over and placed the photo in the boy’s cup and sat next to him. She didn’t say anything; there wasn’t really a need for words, or at least not from her. She would do this every time she successfully found a target. There’s that feeling that she gets, it’s not pride nor happiness, but more like a combination of both. That’s why she loved her job.

It took her a while before she turned her head and looked at the kid. She had a smile on her face.

“So. How’s this whole ‘becoming a hunter’ thing working out for ya?”

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Kid Dreams [C] Empty Re: Kid Dreams [C]

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