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Melanie Hartigan Empty Melanie Hartigan

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:09 pm
Melanie Hartigan TdPbzH1

Name: Melanie Hartigan ("Melly")
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Born in May)
Status: Nen User
Nen Type: Enhancer

Faceclaim: Yahagi, Kantai Collection
Height: 1,77m
Weight: Secret <3
Description: Melanie has crimson eyes and long, flowing raven black hair which she frequently ties in a ponytail. Despite the lazy, hedonistic lost girl she is, she boasts a rather fit, toned body from regular martial arts training and swimming in the ocean. Together with her tall height and pert bust, she displays an elegant hourglass figure, often highlighted by her stylish-yet-practical choice of outfits. Predictably proud of her body, she likes showing a bit of skin as much as possible, but she's whimsical first and foremost; as such, whatever she wears will reflect her mood when she woke up. She's all smiles and good vibes most of the times, and often carries herself with a sultry, half lidded look. All in all, Melly looks older than she actually is, and on some levels speaks with the maturity to match... Yet her lifestyle makes her youth quite clear to anyone who bothers looking hard enough.

Personality: Gentle, empathetic and playful, she has a strong protective and maternal instinct from being the eldest of three sisters and always feeling the need to defend them. Hypersexual and seductive, her shameless libido stands out first and foremost as her most defining trait, as well as her unshakable confidence in welcoming it as part of her: So much her favorite targets typically include people who would otherwise want nothing to do with her.

Due to this insatiable sex drive, she's predictably unfaithful to her lovers, and though she doesn't go out of her way to decieve them, she's not really upfront about her commitment issues either. All in all she prefers her friendships with a bit of casual sex mixed in, but whether or not her friendships have benefits, she's a loyal friend and will naturally strive to help those she cares about. Unlike most people believe Melanie's actually capable of commiting to one lover, assuming someone she loves who can keep up with her... Which has only happened twice yet.

But regardless of whether or not she has a lover at any given point, her main concern is to enjoy herself.

A free spirited artist at heart, she seeks fun and pleasure as her main goals, new experiences from which inspiration might spring forth. Poetry and lyrics make up her preferred art forms, showing off a talent for both as well as a lovely singing voice. After all this time being judged for her life choices, Melanie makes it a point to be as least judgemental she she possibly can, and perhaps for this reason finds it difficult to get mad at others even in situations where she probably should; it's not that she avoids conflict, but rather how nothing appears to get under her skin in the slightest.

Angry Melanie does happen once in a blue moon, and so far has only out of love for her sisters. She's perfectly capable of being annoyed, but usually shrugs just about anything off with a hair flip and witty reply, often a sassy form of retaliation. In the end, she's still a 'make love, not war' kind of gal, and for all her skill in martial arts, she uses them solely for self defense when all else has failed. Even her nen abilities reflect this with a grueling lack of offensive techniques.

  • Her sisters
  • Poetry
  • Attention
  • Relaxing
  • Parties
  • Friends with benefits
  • Love
  • Sunny beaches
  • Poetry
  • People playing hard to get


  • Work
  • Commitment
  • Seeing her sisters hurt
  • War
  • Unwarranted self importance

History: Melanie was born in the sunny city of Paradise Beach - in the United States of Saherta - to Lou and Rena Hartigan. Her father was a middle-high class stock broker and her mother a housewife, who provided her with a happy, comfortable childhood. As the eldest of three sisters - Ashley, the social butterfly, Amy the genius scholar, and Mia the eccentic go-getter, in order - all her life she felt a powerful desire to protect them from all the evil in the world. This didn't mean she was liked by all of them, even if she loved them all more than anything, she knows at least one of them hated her guts. As a child, she enjoyed attention and as she grew older and ravishing, she started getting it more and more. People put labels on her, but she just shrugged them off and just kept doing what felt right. Her confidence and playful nonchalance rubbed many other kids the wrong way, while her endless lust rubbed many others the right way. To Melanie, her sexuality was always as much a tool as an amusement the moment she was old enough to see it as such. Aside from her own personal source of romance and entertainment, she used it to get back at kids who bullied her sisters by turning their love lives upside down, and considers seducing his father's secretary the height of her accomplishments, to get back at him for something she doesn't even remember anymore...

When entering high school, she was the first among her sisters to become a cheerleader, and eventually head cheerleader. Partially out of admiration for her mother, but most of all she was drawn both by the attention it gave her and the artistic aspect of it. That said, she delved into sports as well, practicing swimming and other forms of athleticism, as well as starting a band with one of her younger sisters and a few other friends. She wasn't the type to commit to none of these for too long however, and wildly hopped from hobby to hobby as her whims dictated... She was often at high school parties, bringing drinks, smokables and friends behind her, and had a way of becoming the life of the party wherever she went. Yet despite this tendency to dabble in a little bit of everything, she was always a bit of a lost girl.

More than anything, Melanie was lazy. She enjoys long hours at the beach, resting under the sun, and once it finally set she'd go out to some nightclub brimming with life and drunken people to party the night away. Though she's technically still a teenager, her mature body hides her comparatively immature lifestyle. With a strong fixation on beauty, she always finds the right motivation to at least work out and keep herself in shape. Martial arts were her latest, and greatest passion. Paradise beach, for all it's beauty, remains a dangerous city ridden with crime and corruption. So naturally both Melanie and each of her sisters learned self defense from youth in the form Krav Maga, which became the core foundation for her athleticism. Later on, she moved from there to Chinese martial arts, where she was introduced to the more spiritual, philosophical aspects of Martial arts which eventually transferred into her daily life: Yin and Yang. Inner balance, peace of mind... And that wasn't all: She also awakened an ability she never imagined she'd posess. What would she do with it now? Hopefully not work, anything but that... She needed to travel, maybe she'd lean something about this new power, and see the world in the process.

Hunter Type: Melanie considers herself a Pleasure Hunter, constantly looking for best tasting dishes and meals, and most enjoyable vacation and relaxation spots. Any new way she can spend a good time by herself or with others

Primary Nen Name: In'yōdō (阴阳道, Tao of Yin and Yang)
Nen Type: Enhancement
Description: Resulting from her Martial arts training and meditation, Melanie's Nen takes Qigong principles to the next level by letting her weave her Ki for different purposes. She divides it along its yin-yang axis, where Yin governs awareness and coordination over one's own body and surroundings - and at higher levels may even be channeled into aura attacks - while Yang comes from the living cells in her body, her biology, and can be used to control her muscles, increase her metabolic rate, and even regenerate wounds much faster than would normally be possible. Her techniques naturally incorporate a bit of both in varying amounts. To improve her control over her nen, Melly must train both halves of her Ki: Yin can be trained by meditation and slow, coordinated movements, and Yang with high intensity physical exercise.

Strength: G
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 6

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Melanie Hartigan Empty Re: Melanie Hartigan

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:44 pm

The only problem I see with your app is that you are a Rookie Hunter, yet your character has access to nen (even if she doesn't know what it is just yet). If you wanted to have nen and be a hunter, you'll need to go Pro Hunter. That being said, it could always mean that she still doesn't know she has it, and the association simply bestowed her with the title of Pro without telling her why.

In addition, you could go Nen Genius as well at the cost of having no access to hunter resources, it's up to you. Bump when completed!
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Melanie Hartigan Empty Re: Melanie Hartigan

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:54 pm
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Melanie Hartigan Empty Re: Melanie Hartigan

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:58 pm
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Melanie Hartigan Empty Re: Melanie Hartigan

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