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Sariel Cannisari Empty Sariel Cannisari

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:11 pm

Sariel Cannisari Sariel_300x300

Name: Sariel Cannisari
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Nineteen)
Status: Rookie Hunter
Nen Type: Transmutation

Faceclaim: Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 119 lbs
Description: Sariel is a very skinny and slender woman, this mainly due to her weight compared to her height. Though she is only five foot nine, Sariel is still relatively average for woman her age, not like she cares about it anyways. The most noticeable feature she has is her hair; it's a dark red, scarlet. Most people think that she's dyed her hair but in reality it's all natural. She tends to keep it long and straight, it's maximum length reaching to the middle of her back, roughly. Her eyes are a dark brown that seem to glow when a light is shining directly into them. Besides her facial features, Sariel's body is also well off. She was blessed with an hourglass figure, though she hates herself for it as she's far too skinny to utilize it.

Her wardrobe consists of skirts and button down shirts, with the occasional tie. Every now and then she'll even mix up her hairstyle and tie it up for a day or two before letting it down again.

Personality: Sariel has a very headstrong and sweet personality, with a mix of violence thrown in. In general, Sariel is a nice person. She almost always helps those that are in need and never turns anyone down, which others say is her biggest weakness because she never says no. There are the extreme situations where she cannot accept and is forced to turn people down, but even then she feels bad for missing out on an opportunity.

Sariel's social side is very mixed. On one hand, she has her nice and kind side, smiling a lot and cracking the occasional joke while laughing with friends. Actually, Sariel loves socializing with people that are around her age because she feels that she can get more comfortable around people who can relate with her in some ways, though she doesn't discriminate others who are younger or older than her either. On the other hand, Sariel can be quite mean and hostile when she tries. If someone were to get on her bad side even once, they are most likely to stay there forever unless they do something extraordinary. She can be described by most as "sassy", especially when she's having an off day. That's when she's just angry at everyone and everything.

Combat wise, Sariel takes her job very seriously. She's dedicated to an assignment and sees everyone of the to the end, every now and then becoming obsessed with a case if she cannot find the answer and everyone else thinks the same. Whenever she does end up finding somebody, she always gets this feeling. Its warm, the closest thing it can be compared to is pride.

That's the kind of person Sariel is.
Likes: Children, Women, Summer, Smithing, Video Games
Dislikes: Over-the-top Heroes, Beaches, Boats, Spiders

History: Sariel was born to nobody. An odd thing when you really think about it, but since she was a baby Sariel doesn't remember having any parents. She was an orphan. Though she wasn't as lucky as other kids who were orphans, being taken in by local orphanages and given somewhere to call home, no Sariel was one of the kids who lived on the street. The street was where she was born thus the street is where she would stay, or at least until someone came and took he away, and granted that didn't happen for a while. She wasn't the only kid like t his, there was about 4 to 5 other kids who were in her same position, all of them together making a a small group that would cause trouble for the local shops. They would get into trouble for various reasons, from rummaging the trash behind a restaurant to pickpocketing people on the street, and sometimes even vandalizing establishments who would talk wrongly about them. Life was good. Was.

When Sariel was about 12- about because she didn't really know her birth date, just that it was some time in between spring and fall- she was abducted. It wasn't as dramatic as other sources would make it out to be, it was actually quite fast. She was strolling around town with her friends, staying about 2 to 3 feet behind them because she doesn't like being to close to them, makes her feel squished, when a hand suddenly covered her mouth and pulled her into the nearest alleyway before knocking her out. That same day she woke up in a warehouse about halfway across the world.

This time was scary for her, but she wasn't alone. Along with Sarie, about 40 other people were captured, children and adults alike. Sariel was there for 10 months, and over that course of time she met people she wouldn't even think she would meet. One of the captives was a retired Hunter, obvious by her age of 62. The woman saw something great in Sariel's eyes, she refused to say what but it was "special" nonetheless. And so she took her under her wing for those months that they were together, keeping all of the training behind the backs of their captors, only ever training when they were alone. That was until that abruptly came to an end too.

One day their captors just started taking people, and the old woman was the first to go. The lady was Sariel's only friend, the only person who would volunteer to talk to her and not scoff when she walked away. But she was gone, and Sariel was left alone once again. Personally, this felt like a big middle finger from god or whoever ruled over humanity, but most of all she hated her captors. Almost daily they would assault Sariel and the rest of the lot, in various different ways. But then they snapped. Sariel was the first to retaliate and leave the warehouse. She did it with violence, utilizing the nen that she was taught from the old woman, and ran far away from that place. About a week after she came across a wealthy couple who have had failed attempts at a child and adopted Sariel. While she grew up thankful for what she was given, she was set on becoming a hunter so nobody else would have to experience what she did.

Hunter Type: Sariel has taken up the role of a Lost Hunter, somebody who finds people who are missing, no matter the status. The main reason behind her choosing this classification is due to her life growing up part of a human trafficking ring.

Primary Nen Name: Patron of Purgatory
Nen Type: Transmutation
Description: The Patron of Purgatory is a nen type that is based off of the element of fire. The fire made by the Patron has a more red shade to it, and it burns hotter than normal fire. Though this fire is made by the Patron, in no way is the creator immune to the fire that is created by its aura nor any fire in general. Granted they can grow a slight resistance to it depending on their mastery over the fire. When starting out, the flames are much more violent and harder to control and size, often resulting in other object being burnt without the intent of burning them. When the Patron reaches a more professional level, the flames are not only easier to wield but can be used for other uses besides offensive, being able to form semi-solid objects and even healing minor wounds.

Strength: G
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 6

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Sariel Cannisari Empty Re: Sariel Cannisari

on Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:17 pm
Hey Sariel, good application, just one problem. You seem to have your speed as E when the highest upon application one can go is F. Please fix this and we will be all good.

Thank you!
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Sariel Cannisari Empty Re: Sariel Cannisari

on Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:23 pm
Thank you for fixing, approved!
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Sariel Cannisari Empty Re: Sariel Cannisari

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