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Sergei's Revenge! [Quest]  Empty Sergei's Revenge! [Quest]

on Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:09 pm
Yorkshun was as bustling as ever. Citizens roamed the streets while tourists visited the different shops. It was certainly a pleasure to fit in with the crowd but every now and again, you needed some alone time. Stepping away from the crowd was Shin, as he allowed the sun to shine its rays on him. He was walking through a park with various trees providing shade. At the center was a pond with a wooden bride to allow people to cross. As people stood by, taking pictures of the various plants, Shin proceeded to make his way across the bride only to run into a familiar face.

"Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, if it isn't the man who made me look dumb,"
spoke Sergei, who stood at the opposite end of the bridge as he slowly made his way over to Shin. As other passed by him, he stopped directly in front of Shin and put his hand out in a stop motion. "Can I help you?" A grin appeared on Sergei's face as he put up three fingers," You made a fool out of me at chess. I'm a champion and I lost to a nobody. Well, I want my money back. Only way you can pass this bridge is if you can answer three riddles." Showing an expression of annoyance, Shin had a few ideas of how to get past him. One, he could probably beat Sergei up but that would go against what he believed in. Secondly, he could swim past him but that would result in him being soaked. Thirdly, he could answer the questions while also testing if his knowledge of riddles from the past would come in handy. "Let's just get it over with."

"I ain't going easy on you. First riddle. You can see me in water, but I never get wet. What am I?" Sergei asked with a devilish grin. He was definitely confident in his ability to stump Shin. However, this was a nice little warm up. Moving up a few feet, Shin looked down at the pond only to see a few koi fish and his own reflection. The answer was right there staring back at him.  "Your own reflection."

"Tsk, nice one. However, that was lucky. Next one. What has a heart but no other organs?" Peering up from looking at the pond, Shin stroked his goatee as he stood there in thought. This was a step up from the previous riddle Sergei had asked but alas, it was nothing Shin had not heard in the past. "A deck of cards."

So far, the two riddles Sergei had asked did not really require Shin to use any knowledge. Instead, the first question was logical and the second question was something he had read in a book. "Hmm, ok. Last riddle and you can pass...What is harder to catch the faster you run?"  Continuing to stroke his goatee, Shin showed an expression of thought. Now this was one he had not heard in the past. He had a few ideas as to what the answer could be and Sergei never stated how many attempts he had so he could just say all of them in hopes of getting one right. However, he wanted to keep stay perfect. As he let out an exhale, the answer came to mind. "Your breath." Stunned, Sergei could only look down at the wood beneath him in defeat. He reached into his pocket and took a sack of coins, handing them to Shin without looking up. "You're a worthy opponent. Take that money as an apology for wasting your time. Before you go, can I get your name please?" Asked Sergei as he finally looked up. Never one to turn down some money, Shin grasped the coin bag and began to walk past Sergei while giving his name. "Shin."

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