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Norte Estrella
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Hello Friends Empty Hello Friends

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:35 pm
Hi everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood admin: Norte. I figured I'd introduce myself for anyone joining the site whom would like to get to know their staff. I've been role playing on and off for about six years now, and I'm very excited to RP and start a community here with all of you. I've always thought that HunterxHunter is a fantastic setting for RP because it allows for so much creativity and exploration and fun, and I'm really hoping that we can put that into practice with the regulations we've established. On that note, I'd like to say that I believe all regulations should have the purpose of making the RP experience more fun, and not less so. I'd encourage all of you to leave a suggestion in the appropriate forum if you feel that any of the rules are not necessary for balance and also are not "fun". User suggestions are always welcome and taken into consideration by the staff.

With all of the business out of the way, I'll share a bit about me as a person. When I'm not doing my best to pretend to be professional, I usually act like somewhat of a goof. I like silly puns, and messing around in the Discord with my friends. I'm not shy in the voice chat, and I like to laugh a lot. I'm always interested in having topics with new people and forming real connections and story lines with other cool characters. When I'm role playing, I prefer wacky adventures and necessary conflict to small meet and greet topics in a cafe or a planned spar. So if you want to invite me on a trek through the rain forest, a voyage to an undiscovered island, on a giant centipede riding tour, to play the contracted hunter on the other side of the conflict, or any other manner of fun time please don't hesitate to ask.

As you can imagine what with me being on an Manga based RP site, I'm a big fan of anime and manga. Gintama, Dorohedoro, Cromartie High, Great Teacher Onizuka, My Hero Academia, Kengan Asura, Angel Densetsu, Helck, my favorites are countless. I could talk about the subject for hours, and if you get me going on it, I probably will. I try to at least watch a few shows each anime season, and I'm always down to trade manga recommendations with people. I also play quite a few different kinds of video games. I've got a soft spot for strategy games, so things like Civilization and Age of Empires are some of my favorites. I also like Rogue Likes and survival games, and I've even played some Don't Starve Together with members already. Board Game Online is also a favorite of mine to play with other members of forums I've been on in the past, and if you get curious and ask me about it I'll probably try to start up a game. Speaking of Board Games, I love them. I play them physically with my friends often, and I also play Table Top Simulator so online games are on the table, so to speak. (I told you I like puns.)

If you actually read all of that, you're too kind and I hope that we'll become fast friends if we aren't already. If you didn't read all of that, I'm sure we can still be friends anyway. Just know I'll be hiding tiny Nen spiders in my RP posts, and you'd be wise to read those more thoroughly.

Best Regards,

Norte Estrella

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