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my name is not kyle Empty my name is not kyle

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:28 pm
my name is not kyle YZo5GOY

Name: Kael Ysgardia
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Status: Nen User
Nen Type: Conjurer

Faceclaim: Black Star - Soul Eater
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Description: He's a smallish boy with some tattoos and a head of messy sky-blue hair. Mostly that's all that is notable about his appearance. Well, the hair over the rest of his body (i.e. from the neck down) is dark brown, if that changes anything. His clothes aren't plain; if they weren't mostly dark colours he would probably stick out like a shiny red sore thumb. One may refer to his fashion sense as Ninja Chic. These clothes serve no reasonable functional purpose other than providing a shroud for his mortal coil.

Personality: He's pretty nonchalant. Really there's nothing that makes him lose his cool - other than dealing with stuff that annoys him. Though when scary things indeed present themselves, it's not like he isn't scared. He really idolizes superheroes and thinks heroism is neat, so he insists on showing only a resolute visage. He's really good at bottling up his fear; he's level 99 in ignoring the little voice in his head. Coincidentally, Kael is an adrenaline junkie.
He often tries to greet others with jokes and mirth, as it's something he read in a self-help book once (and it seems to work thus far). Too many times his jokes fall flat, but he doesn't seem to run out of meme steam. The boy's a real optimist, you scarce see the smirk fade from his face. Well, that's not to say that it's rare - but like instead of a resting bitch face, the kid got a resting smug face.
To achieve his ends, he will twist the meanings of words into something which will support his cause and immediate goals. He's totally convinced this is an acceptable thing to do. In fact, he often does this without realizing it. Even when he does commit this line of thinking, it's never really a super conscious thing like, "Oh how can I twist these words into something that may substantiate my will". He's just a little egotistical and his ego does the heavy lifting in this case.
Likes: Ninjas, Superheroes, Physical Activity, Adventure
Dislikes: Physical Constraints, Criminals, Rudeness, Uncleanliness

History: Kael didn't care to learn of his family's history. As far as his memory went or what he was concerned about, they were horrible as people and he was lucky to have gotten away from them when he did.
After his self proclaimed emancipation he was taken in by an elderly couple. The couple lived together with their grandson, who was old enough to father children himself. Despite his age and able age, he was dependant on the couple's livelihood.
Well, it wasn't like the man couldn't provide for himself; he was in fact hiding from his particularly aggressive creditors. The loan-sharks would have his head, of this he was convinced.
They inevitably rooted him out. In desperation he bartered the child that had recently taken shelter in his grandparent's home for his head and freedom. After careful consideration on their part, the deal was accepted and completed.
His loan sharks regarded the idea of training the child to become their loyal dog as quaint. They doggedly pursued this endeavor until finally succumbing to the reality that children are little shits. It was far more trouble than the worth.
Kael was sold for no modest fee to a small warrior clan. The clan leader was an impotent widower whose only (according to himself) failure in life was to not father his family's successor. Upon questioning the clan head, Kael was told that to learn the clan's martial art supposedly a specific bodily composition was essential. Kael was apparently the only eligible and applicable specimen they could locate.
In the free time between sparring and meditation lessons, the boy would drift to the nearby city and lurk around the shady parts. He stumbled his way into a mafia family as a low ranking member.
Although they called themselves 'Mafia' they were really a vigilante group, exacting their personal justice on all they perceived to be in the wrong.
The clan who adopted him frowned upon this behavior but secretly felt that it might help grow the heir's abilities, so they allowed it.
Anyway the kid got into a bunch of fights, and trained as diligently as an average kid is capable of. What he ended up as is the stuff you see on this page.
Hunter Type: Bounty Hunter

Primary Hatsu Name: Body Double no Jutsu
Description: Allows creation of a doll which can replace the user. This doll is identical to the user's physical appearance in every regard. Largely used to take attacks in lieu of the user, the body double may also be able to operate in apparent autonomy. A body double may not use nen, and has to be given commands (to perform actions) which are transferred to it by the touch of the user.

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 4
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my name is not kyle Empty Re: my name is not kyle

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:13 pm
Approved buddy boy, but just so you know since you didn't use your one free slot to upgrade a stat you get an extra 2 nen points and ten aura. Lucky you!
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