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Mako Febiven
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Mako Febiven Empty Mako Febiven

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:21 pm
Mako Febiven B8e8cf8d803930070bcad6ae22ededda

Name: Mako Febiven
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Status: Nen User
Nen Type: Specialist

Faceclaim: Mephisto; Blue Exorcist
Height: 6'2
Weight: 184lbs
Description: Purple hair and well dressed, Mako is quite the unique looking individual. He's both tall and sturdy, though nothing close to bulky. His frame is deceptively strong, but still light enough to allow him quick and sudden movement. His clothes are almost precisely as they appear in the picture, minus only the cane and cape. He is quick to let his top hat fly off in combat, unless he is toying with his opponent. His clothes are made from a fiber that allows him full and unrestricted flexibility, despite their nice appearance. While he can sometimes wear different color clothes or different brands, he almost always dresses nice.

Personality: Mephisto is a confident and intelligent individual. To describe him completely finitely would make him seem like an extreme linear individual, but that is not the case. Like many others, he is someone who can act out of character and in unique ways for unique cases. This is only a general idea of the type of person he is, one that would be better fleshed out with time by those who wish to get to know him.

His intelligence and confidence combine to make him a rather interesting individual. He likes to be in control, manipulating those around him and the situations he is in to maximum benefit and enjoyment. It is difficult to tell exactly what he plans to do, as his driving factor can often be entertainment rather than actual benefit.

He can make exceptions to those he deems friends. While the exact threshold to become such is uncertain and can most definitely vary, it is not an impossible task. That being said, his Specialist nen has made him quite the unique individual. He has become so use to physical pain that it often doesn't phase him, and can sometimes make him forget how much it effects other people. While this makes him seem almost akin to a psychopath, he actually can and does feel.

While it is not easy to tell whether or not you have become his friend, it would be foolish to think that friendship made one safe from his manipulation. In the end, even he himself can be used as a pawn if he thinks it'll lead to amusement. While he would not try to let someone close to him (nor himself) die, there are always flaws in the plans that one may set.

Likes: Entertainment - To find entertainment in the folly and trials of another is something that makes Mako unique, and a seemingly dark individual.

Progress - Progress in training, in life, in plans, or in his aspirations. It is the act of moving forward that allows life to continue, and it is the continuation of life that brings about entertainment.

Surprises - Things don't always go according to plan, but if they did that would simply be boring.

Dislikes: Boredom - For a man who values entertainment, the lack of things to do would equate to boredom. That's something that he just can't have.

Refusal to Participate - There are those who can find out how to avoid his manipulation, and that is refusal to participate at all. While difficult to manage, it's possible. It won't necessarily ruin his day, but it'll certainly lower ones chance of survival.

Unintelligent Individuals - The sheep are too easy to lead. They flock and follow whoever steps ahead to lead them. Those who break the mold are the ones who offer entertainment, who challenge him and can lead to potential failure.

History: Mako did not grow up in a necessarily horrible life. He had a loving mother and a caring father, both of whom are still alive and relatively healthy today in their mid seventies and late sixties respectively.  He was an extremely intelligent student, but that intelligence was not left to fester unattended. His family pushed him hard, always adding new challenged so that he did not get to feel truly ahead of those around him. It nurtured his brain, and most importantly, they nurtured his creativity. He was allowed to thing not like a calculating machine, but truly out of the box.

As he grew, he attended a local university and majored in Physics, attaining his masters in Quantum Mechanics and his Ph.D in Quantum Entanglement and Theory, both of which were to bolster the nen that his father had taught him of early on. While he did not inherit the nen from his father, he was forthright with his abilities and accepted the advice that helped him further himself. He also took classes in philosophy, something that aided in his odd ideals of humor and entertainment.

Once he graduated in his early twenties, he hit the road and began picking fights with anyone whom he could justify. Those of negative allegiances, and those who were too pompous and could be boded into the offensive. Through these well thought out fights, he slowly got to the point in which he would challenge anyone and everyone. This allowed him multiple chances to perfect his fighting style, understand his techniques, and prepare himself to take on unexpected scenarios, regardless of what they were.
Hunter Type: Entertainment Hunter - One who hunts for personal entertainment. He does not look for specific or tangible things. Rather than specific objects he searches for individuals, events, or ideas that can keep him occupied and amused.

Primary Hatsu Name: Quantum Entanglement
Description: Quantum Entanglement is a very unique, and incredibly dangerous, nen. It involves the utilization of Quantum Entanglement in the facet of combat, operating on the idea that two (or more) atoms can be directly linked, allowing for the alteration of one through the other. This includes the basic concepts of Quantum Mechanics which states that objects/entities can exist in multiple states simultaneously, their finite stances becoming stable only when observed. So what does this mean for combat?

Mako can link himself with locations and individuals. This allows him to transfer damage, teleport, avoid deathly situations, and other implications that fall into similar realms. This does not make him omnipotent or impossible to kill. For as powerful as this ability is, it offers risk to his life upon every use. These techniques, when used in high level combat, turn into a race of who will die first- Him or his opponent. Self harm is a prevalent theme in his techniques, though it is to allow room for him to utilize his techniques.

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: E
Nen Points: 4

Referral: Norte <3

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Hakuna Matata
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Mako Febiven Empty Re: Mako Febiven

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:51 pm
I'm just gonna blast through this real quick

A. Your description is 8 words short. Close but no cigar.

B. Can you write a short blurb on what an Entertainment Hunter is? Just a sentence or two will do. This is mainly for people who have no idea what an entertainment hunter is.

Everything else is A-OK!
Mako Febiven
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Mako Febiven Empty Re: Mako Febiven

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:34 pm
Hakuna Matata
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Mako Febiven Empty Re: Mako Febiven

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:22 pm
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Mako Febiven Empty Re: Mako Febiven

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