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Rico Vega
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Rico Vega  Empty Rico Vega

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:20 pm
Rico Vega  Latest?cb=20160516151413

Name: Rico Vega
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Status: Pro Hunter
Nen Type: Conjurer

Faceclaim: Tezca Tlipoca - Soul Eater
Height:  6 feet
Weight: 200 Pounds
Description: Rico is a man that likes his suits, but even more than he likes his suits, he likes his bear mask. He is constantly seen wearing a mask in public, his favorite being this bear mask. While it is a mask, he can still see very well through it thanks to the way that is made. What does Rico look like under the mask? Well, he seems like just a normal man with brown hair, blue eyes and a scraggy beard. Rico is of average build, a bit on the tall side. In addition, he also has big feet and big hands, it's in the family.

Personality: Rico is a strange man, often talking in a funny way that uses a lot of analogies. He is a bit poor in understanding a lot of social constructs due to his relatively large lack of friends for most of his life, as well as his general shuit away nature. He likes to work in pairs though if he can, as he finds it a bit easier. As such, if he likes a teammate or someone he shares a common goal with, he can be a good team player. If there isn't much to do at the moment however, he won't go out of his way to socialize with other people.

Rico is very reserved as well, and little does he say anything private or talk about his feelings. This is evident by his use of a mask to conceal himself at all times in which other people are around, only being able to take it off when he is alone. In some ways, he is afraid of being vulnerable, also noted by how he prefers to never be nude, not even in the shower where he wears a pair of swim trunks.

When in a dangerous situation, Rico does value his life in many ways, and likes to take the most efficient route to survival. He is not fond of fighting for fun, unless there is something in it for him. All in all, Rico is a very reserved man, and he has a hard time trusting people as well as interacting with them casually.
Likes: Scary Stories, Night Time, Personal Space, Movies
Dislikes:  People invading his privacy, Getting too close with people, Being Nude

History: Rico was born on Whale Island, where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years reading books and fishing. When he finally got tired of a day of fishing, he would come back home and study different books on mythology and urban legends of the world, liking them as they seemed so scary, but in a cool way. This eventually lead to Rico becoming kind of an outcast, which lead to him wearing the mask. The mask was the reflection of the only thing he feared. Not animals, or monster, but rather the teasing of the fellow children that were around him.

When he grew up, Rico would make his way to become a Pro Hunter in search of finding the supernatural in the world, such as ghosts and mythical beings. Passing the hunter exam, Rico soon learned nen afterwards, it being themed off of his personality, that of course being the mythical creatures that he read about - the whole reason that he became a hunter in the very first place!

Nowadays, Rico mainly travels around the world, doing work as a sort of "ghost buster". He is able to identify paranormal happenings thanks to his understanding of nen, which a lot of the usual people in the world don't know a single thing about. So, he's kind of making a living as he chills in his apartment Yorkshun city, reading his books still to this day.. where will his journey as a Hunter take him? He isn't sure, but he knows something big may happen soon...
Hunter Type: Ghost Hunter

Primary Hatsu Name: Masked Man
Description: The user is able to create different nen infused masks with different limitations that give them abilities. The main theme of the masks is things from Rico's past, meaning they are mostly based off of either urban legends or supernatural phenomenon. These masks will give abilities to the user based on the creature they are representing.

Strength: G
Speed: G
Durability: G
Nen Points: 12 (40 Aura)
Norte Estrella
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Rico Vega  Empty Re: Rico Vega

on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:31 pm
Approved, enjoy the perks of being a Pro Hunter.
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