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Vincent Fabius
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Vincent Fabius Empty Vincent Fabius

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:51 pm
Vincent Fabius SBkhG3q

Name: Vincent "Vince" Fabius
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen (18)
Status: Civilian
Nen Type: Emitter

Faceclaim: Voltron Legendary Defender, Lance
Height: 181 centimeters (5'11")
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Description: Vincent while tall among some of his peers has a lanky physique. He does have some tone to his dark-skinned build due to his numerous years of playing soccer alongside his siblings. It is just muscle tone and he never actively worked out besides the occasional outside sport game. His gaze is cat-like in structure and sarcastic and egotistical in nature. Vincent prefers his brown hair kept short, never going past the nape of his neck. Never does he wear clothes that are dirty and refuses to keep an unsightly appearance. He is narcissistic in this regard and constantly tries to maintain a strong and dignified appearance.

Personality: Perfect, Sexy, and Stunning. If Vincent could describe himself he would choose those three words. Though the reality is he is narcissistic and egotistical. He is more caught up with how people perceive him than how he perceives himself. While he wants to come off confident, he merely comes off as egotistical and full of himself. Vincent lacks a filter at times, and sometimes mouths off to the wrong person at the wrong time. Whether it'll be a snide, sarcastic comment or him mindlessly blurting out his thoughts that gives him the hurt.

Vincent is adventurous and daring. His boldness comes from his sheltered existence and ego. Although said 'boldness' borders rash at times which doesn't do Vincent too well. He is sincere with his actions and to others. He has a habit of keeping his word and being loyal to those he deems friends. Vincent is nonchalant about many things. Although he occasionally treats serious things laxly, which could anger some. An example of this is how Vincent makes quips and sarcastic remarks to loosen the atmosphere or make it lighthearted.

Vincent is rather self-conscious and self-critical at heart. He thinks too much of people's opinions and bases his whole worth on someone's statement of him. While he puts up an arrogant, unfazed facade he carries his heart on his sleeve when he's with others. He is even more reluctant to open himself to others including members of his own family at times.


  • Soccer
  • Cloudy Days
  • Compliments
  • Beaches
  • $$$


  • Condiments
  • Mafioso
  • Negative Impressions
  • Tense Atmospheres
  • Ghosts

History: Vincent was always in the background. Growing up his parents never paid much attention to Vincent and focused on his brother, Ramon. Looking back on it now, it was mainly due to Ramon requiring more attention. His grades were high enabling him for scholarships if only it wasn't for his wild, carefree attitude. Nonetheless, child Vincent found comfort outside the home playing soccer with kids around the block. He slowly found worth in himself when others chose him over another. Vincent slowly but surely found himself craving more attention from the other kids. Attention he wasn't receiving at home.

Soon enough Vincent grew up and he had a little sister to his family. His elder brother left town to study at a renown college, much to the relief of the Fabius family. Growing up Vincent was not the best student. He was rambunctious and often ditched school. He played soccer with other delinquent children when he wasn't in school. Looking back on these days, Vincent couldn't help but love the small and quaint beach side town he had slowly, but surely grown to love. Then they came.

Everyone knew but kept quiet. Instead of children playing soccer goons in black suits flooded the streets. When one can recall old elderly women roaming the food stalls, now women in scandalous clothing surrounded them. Everybody lived in fear. The tension was always palpable. The saying 'you never know what you have till you lose it' couldn't have been more real for Vincent.

Vincent hated it. No longer could he play soccer with friends. No longer could he take his little sister out for walks. No longer could he fearlessly walk to school. He knew he was powerless to do anything and this twisted the knife in his gut. Therefore he sought the strength to free his hometown. To bring back the vigor and youth back into the place called home. He loaded his pocket with his money and left. He left a note on the kitchen table one night and left.

"Gone to become a Hunter, be back soon - Love, Vincent - The Man With The Plan"

Hunter Type: N/A

Primary Hatsu Name: N/A
Description: N/A

Strength: G
Speed: G
Durability: G
Nen Points: 12

*Note: I'd like to substitute my one stat point for extra aura (Total: 140 Aura) and two extra nen points

*Note 2: Extra 75 Aura for Advertising. Total: 215 Aura
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Vincent Fabius Empty Re: Vincent Fabius

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:29 pm
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