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Norte Estrella
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Norte Estrella Empty Norte Estrella

on Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:25 pm
Norte Estrella 9b034a779228edf2cf19b2a87d2564c7--grey-man-character-reference

Name: Norte Estrella
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Status: Rookie Hunter
Nen Type: Manipulator

Faceclaim: Cross Marian (D. Gray Man)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 88 Kg.
Description: With a slim yet sturdy build developed from natural athleticism, a strictly managed diet, and muscles developed from a wide variety of sports during his youth; Norte swaggers about in a confident manner. Long, red, messy locks hang down to his shoulders and frame the sharp features of his face paired with a small red goatee covers the tip of his angular chin. He has only one eye, the iris a slightly darker shade of red than his fire hued mane, due to the contract developed with his Nen. The other half of his face and his self inflicted deformity are most often covered by a small white mask that curves off to leave Norte's mouth uncovered. His attire varies widely, but is always sure to be something extravagant and perfectly suited to his rather eccentric tastes. Such outfits include long and highly decorated coats paired with expensive boots and hats, imported silk garments, or professionally tailored suits with oftentimes gaudy patterns. This ostentatious clothing is complimented by Norte's exaggerated hand movements and mannerisms, and the tones of his deep and velvety voice are most times brimming with confidence.

Personality: Charismatic, confident and a bit of a goof, Norte holds no reservations about being himself. He carries himself boisterously without regard for how he might appear to others, and thinks incredibly highly of himself. This high self confidence is not entirely without grounds, as Norte was raised with the intention of joining society's elite. In his youth he practiced all manner of skills that might set him apart from the crowd among the upper class from the fine arts to the martial arts. So while Norte prefers not to get his hands dirty he is certainly not afraid to. He knows that he was raised to be the best, and he takes pride in this fact. While he lacks seriousness and loses attention easily, he is a passionate person who is firmly determined in accomplishing his own goals.  With a charming personality, handsome face, and sharp wit he possesses all the qualities one would expect of the heir to the Estrella estate.

Norte is certainly not without his flaws however, and he is equally unabashed in presenting them as well. His philosophies border on hedonistic, and he is not afraid to drink or smoke at his leisure regardless of whether the situation might deem it inappropriate. He is also an incorrigible womanizer, believing that any woman would be lucky to have him. The woman he cares most about however, is his little sister. As a borderline Sis-con he is extremely overprotective and questionably over affectionate with his little sister. This is not derived from any sexual intentions, but merely an arguably extreme brotherly love. This behaviour leaks over whenever he is dealing with other people's little sisters or even women who gives off a "little sister" aura.

His lack of a need for independence also assisted in developing some rather immature behavior. While Norte doesn't believe that money can solve everything, he knows that it can solve a lot of things and it is often the first solution he turns to when faced with adversity. When he grows tired of his situation he becomes increasingly blunt, plainly stating his boredom or displeasure in a childish manner. He has a very hard time grasping the idea that there might be people who wouldn't appreciate his presence and company, and often acts obstinate or sullen when others don't act according to his expectations. His self absorption often leads him to subconsciously try and steer the subject of conversations back to himself, and he often dismisses and demeans the comments and suggestions of others. Norte develops grudges easily and doesn't let them go lightly, especially when his honor, clothes, or appearance are tarnished in anyway.

  • Spiders
  • Playing the Trumpet
  • Jazz Music
  • Fine Liquor
  • Expensive Clothing
  • High Quality Cigars
  • Rare Steak
  • His Little Sister
  • Little Sister Type Characters


  • Large Dogs
  • Stains
  • Mud
  • Beans
  • Driving
  • Older Women

History: Norte was born as the first heir to the Estrella estate, a very successful winery and brandy distillery located in the Kakin Kingdom. He got along very well with his three younger siblings, two brothers and one sister, but was most attached to and protective of his sister. His father and mother were rather distant as they were busy with keeping up with their various associates and business affairs. As the first born son, Norte was brought up to be an elite, a successor to his father's business and a mover and shaker in the nouveau riche community. Lessons included economics, maths, science, history, politics, etiquette, calligraphy, art, piano, several different foreign languages, and even ballroom dancing. He also learned and practiced many sports throughout his youth including tennis, fencing, boxing, karate, judo, lacrosse, and horseback riding. He even received some minor instruction on the use of Nen, mostly pertaining to the use of Zetsu as a means to hide himself from any would be assailants in the case of an attack on him and his family.

These lessons granted him an eclectic range of skills and talents, and one groundbreaking realization. He had no intention in taking any of those pursuits seriously. Norte had reached this conclusion at around the age of twenty three, after having finally graduated from university and beginning work at his father's company. He felt confined by the mundane tasks he was burdened with, trapped in an office dealing with the bureaucratic processes inevitably involved in such a large scale operations. Norte began to find himself looking down at the giant copper stills and fantasizing about hurling his body over the railing and into the large pot to escape the mundane life his father had laid out for him.

To try and escape the crushing reality, Norte began to find hobbies that he himself enjoyed. He learned to play jazz music on the trumpet, something he found far more fun in than the somber melodies that had been forced into him on the piano, he started keeping tarantulas in his room, which he found great peace in care taking, and he even had some of the chefs teach him a little about preparing food. Not all of his escapes were so innocent however, and he also began frequenting the bars and clubs far more often regardless of weekday or weekend. He'd drink excessively and try to flaunt his money enough to attract a lovely young lady to accompany him home and assist him in forgetting his troubles for yet another night.

Norte's irresponsible behavior was covered up by his father for many years, but eventually the serious business man had had enough of his son's immature antics. His father was furious that the man who was supposed to be his successor was acting in this manner. Stocks began dropping when investors started to fear for the companies future, and Norte's father was forced to disown Norte and name one of his younger brothers as the new heir to the estate. The newly disowned young man was left with only his personal effects and a run down manor that their family had left to disrepair nearly two decades before. With no job and hardly more than a trumpet and a few tarantulas in a terrarium, he was faced with an unprecedented crisis in his pampered and sheltered life. Norte thought hard on what he could do and recalled a few conversations with some of the men who'd provided security at some of his father's extravagant parties. They had acquired "Hunter's licenses", proof of their skills and abilities which not only granted them a hefty allowance but access to high paying jobs and fantastical lands inaccessible to the regular public. He thought that if ordinary people were able to make it as "Hunters", an elite like him would find it easy to do so. So with a plan laid out, he set to take back his life of luxury and debauchery.

Hunter Type: Norte aspires to become a Luxury Hunter, a Hunter who searches for all manner of the finer things in life and lost methods of their production. He hopes to scour the globe in hopes of finding such things as ancient distillation techniques, secret tobacco growing methods, and rare materials with which to enhance existing methods.

Primary Nen Name: Araña Sinfonía
Nen Type: Manipulator/Emitter
Description: Araña Sinfonía is a Nen which allows the user to emit and manipulate spiders formed from the user's own aura. Because the spiders are created from aura, they are invisible to anyone who is unable to use Nen. Each spider is limited to a single ability utilized through either its bite or its web. Through a Contract and Vow formed at the creation of the ability, the user is able to see through the eyes of all of the Nen Spiders simultaneously, as if looking at a wall of security camera feeds, but only after gouging out his own right eye.

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 4
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Norte Estrella Empty Re: Norte Estrella

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:46 pm
As long as you understand you'll need to obtain the Emitter hatsu with your nen points, this looks good. Approved!
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