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Zeiya Xei
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Zeiya Xei | Flame of Bakara Empty Zeiya Xei | Flame of Bakara

on Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:37 pm
Zeiya Xei | Flame of Bakara PNBTHM8

Name: Zeiya Xei
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Status: Pro Hunter
Nen Type: Specialist

Faceclaim: Rias Gremory
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137 Lbs.
Description: Zieya is a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue-green eyes, and a buxom figure. Zeiya is a thick-thin kind of girl. Her curvaceous body, curves and fat in all the right places. Her skin is a soft kind of cream-white color. Her most distinctive feature is her long beautiful crimson hair which she had inherited from her father, that reaches down to her thighs with a single hair strand sticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs practically framing her face. Zeiya's height is one-hundred and seventy-two centimeters. (5 feet 8 inches) Thus giving her a tall slender figure, with a voluptuous chest.

Personality: Zeiya has always been a kind person, the sort of person who would go out of her way to benefit someone else better. That all changed when the Kingdom burnt down her house and practically tried to kill her. Being humble, isn't her style anymore, you want her respect, you want her kindness? Earn it. If you can't you might as well have a stick of dynamite up your ass cause she won't waste any time on you. This doesn't mean she can't be sweet at all, in fact, she has a weakness for children who seem lost and or abandoned. 

Her cold attitude can, in fact, chase away people that she may need in the near-future but after everything she had been through she had no drive to push herself to make friends. As a child before it all happened, before Fue was taken- she loved meeting new people. Then Fue was taken, her life was almost taken from her, she has just changed. Simple. All in all, even if you're in the wrong and she knows it Zeiya will give you a chance to change your ways if nothing changes you might as well count your blessings. Zeiya does her best to see it their way to see why they act the way they do, but ignorance can only be excused for so long.

Zeiya has a fiery attitude at first, she will never show her vulnerable side to someone who isn't close to her. To any authority, at first she will have a slight attitude and a few witty-comments but that's so she doesn't feel lesser to her authority. Always trying to put on a show to prove she's stronger than anyone could ever know. However, it's really just a show for herself, to prove she's stronger than she knows to herself. She has a will for justice but also enjoys doing as she may please. 

Protecting the things she loves, may the Phoenix, Ignisa bless her enemies who attack her loved ones. Zeiya has a mental boundary in her head always keeping herself in check, however! If you cross her line, all signs of human emotions are gone, it'd be like staring into the eyes of the devil. In this stage, anyone considered a threat or an enemy better run, far.

  • Books
  • Knowledge
  • Exploration
  • Hunting Targets
  • Ancient Mythology


  • Fake-Attitudes
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Having No Control
  • Destroying Historical Documents



~Year: 1998~
A millennium had passed and it was time for the Phoenix's flame to decide who would carry on its legend yet again. The king of Bakara was believed to be one of the descendants of the Phoenix from thousands of years ago. Bakara is a small island full of people who worship a Phoenix known as Ignisa, she was supposedly the creator of Bakara. King Leonardo's wife had given birth to a daughter. She seemed fragile and way smaller than your average newborn. The Kingdom believed the daughter only survived because of the Phoenix had blessed her with the Flame of Bakara. 

For years this daughter would go on worshipped as a goddess to the Island, as some sort of prophet. Spoiled. That was the only way to describe the daughter, by the age of six she had everything she would ever need for a lifetime. Probably everything she needed for a few lifetimes, too bad you can't live forever. The Princess was a brat if any of the other children in the Kingdom had what she wanted, she got it. 

Daddy always kept her entertained and showered with gifts. Best believe if daddy's girl wanted the toy from a child on the island, they had to give it up for the royal brat.-

That's actually where the story of one special lass begins.

~Year: 2004~

"Jarold take her cat for me!" Princess Celica whined.

Jarold slowly walked towards the girl who was about three years older than the princess, her hair a fiery red, almost like fire.

"Hand it over, please."

"My name is Zeiya Xei! I am Captain Xei's daughter of the Royal Exploration team's daughter!" Zeiya yelled. "This is Fue, you're not taking him from me. If you do, I'll have to fight you!"

Jarold sighed, the poor child thought she had a chance. As he went to swipe for the cat, Zeiya threw Fue on her shoulder as she slammed the heel of her right foot into his wrist.

'Damn. This child had to be trained to have such a quick reaction time.' Jarold thought to himself as he whipped his hand back slowly rubbing his wrist.

Princess Celica screamed, furious. "Take her cat now Jarold or daddy will toss you to our sharks!" 

Jarold, quickly leaped forward reaching for Fue on the small girl's left shoulder. However, she quickly moved the opposite direction, throwing a rock towards his face.

Jarold hadn't had time to react, surprised the child could even slip away so quickly. His cheek now bruised and bleeding he was aggravated that a child had bested him twice. No child will best him a third time. Dashing out he slammed the small red-head into the ground by her stomach, grabbing the small white cat.

"Fue... no!" The small girl grabbed his wrist.

Jarold spat on her and tossed her straight at a wooden barrel. As she smashed into the barrel the impact caused it to crumble beneath her.

"Yay thank you, Jarold! Let's go home and show daddy my new kitty!" She giggled, "I think I'll call him Mr. Fluffypaws."-

That was the day that would change the redheaded girl's life forever. Zeiya knew the only reason she lost Fue was that her strength was lacking. If only she had more power, maybe then she could've kept her small companion. Her father wasn't happy to see the King's royal butler had attacked his daughter and stolen their beloved family member, Fue.

When he tried to stand up to the Kingdom, they ordered he stood down or his daughter would be executed. Of course, he couldn't fight against them this way, but a rebellion would have to take an uprising. When he went out on his next mission, the King was alerted of his plans, by an untrustworthy partner of his on the mission. His mission would cause him to be gone for at least another five years. The King, allowed his daughter to live until the day of his arrival. -

~Year: 2009~

Zeiya was now fourteen, her father was supposedly returning in twelve hours. She was tidying up the house for her dad when he returned from missions she always decorated the house and made it look cleaner than usual. It was a special occasion that she enjoyed each time. When she was tidying up the house, she heard several explosions outside her house. Running to the front door she opened it to flames circling the house.

"Hn...?" Zeiya was distraught. "What do I do..." 

The flames were closing in on the house in just a few mere seconds. Panicking she quickly ran to the kitchen fishing out buckets, filling them with ice cold water. By the time she got the buckets ready the flames had engulfed the house. The foundation of the house started to crumble. The walls began to collapse. 

Zeiya screamed for her father. "Daddddddy!!! HELP!!!!!" The flames began to burn her, the buckets of water were useless at this point. "AHHHH!! IT BURNS!"

The flames began to devour her body whole. As her eyes closed and she accepted her fate, death- a light flashed!

"Hello, Little Xei." The voice was a woman's voice, it sounded holy and powerful. "You would know me as Ignisa."

Zeiya gasped, the flames were definitely still burning her but the pain was gone.

"Little Xei, I have chosen you to carry the Flame of Bakara. Within the Millennium, Leonardo's family overtook! Your ascendants' throne, with my power you shall rise like a Phoenix from the ashes!! RISE, CARRIER OF BAKARA'S FLAME!!!"

In an instant, the flames had vanished. There was no way to describe it, but the flames felt like she had absorbed them, along with a new mark on her body that was emitting a light. It looked like a phoenix above her pelvis. The mark faded away, along with the flames, nothing but ashes surrounded her. Her father kneeled in front of her crying.

"Dad??" Zeiya looked confused.

Her father ran to hold her. "Oh, my sweet little Zei. I thought I lost you!!"

Zeiya nodded. "Dad, listen. I met Ignisa... she told me we are the descendants of the Phoenix... Leonardo's family sometime before his generation overtook the throne from our family." She tried to relay all the information in the most logical way possible. "All I know is when I could move again, I had this mark on me of a Phoenix, it's gone now but I think it took the flames with it? Ignisa called me Bakara's Flame..."

He smiled. "It's the only logical way to explain how you are unscratched and perfect physical health, I agree with Ignisa it's our time to retake the throne from those evil bastards."-

In three years, the father-daughter duo had gathered a small army. As well as they both took the Hunter Exams. Each surpassing their year and obtaining their Hunter Titles. The reason why they strived to obtain them was so they couldn't be held responsible for killing the King and Princess.  Even though a normal map couldn't find their Island, Hunters could through special trials, which means they would be probably targetted as a profit if someone from the kingdom hires a Hunter to kill them for the uprising.

It was a long plan, but they finally were at the day of the uprising of Bakara. Zeiya knew her Nen pretty well, however she didn't know the name of her Nen.-

In a week they had weakened the Kingdom's militia breaking through their defenses. Fue had barely aged, due to his mutated bred, it was almost like he was still a kitten, Zeiya personally killed Celica while she blocked her from taking Fue. Leonardo had tried to defend Celica but Kane Xei, Zeiya's father had easily vanquished him with his lance. The duo had retaken the throne for their lineage. Her father became the new king of Bakara, she spent years by his side helping him fix the Kingdom and help around the Kingdom.

While taking over the Kingdom, she found several important books holding critical information, a Nen similar to hers hadn't been seen in thousand years; its name is Phoenix Revolution. 

~Year: 2017~

After fixing the Kingdom and even advancing its technology and all-around improving it she set off on her own journey. Now at the age of twenty-two.
Hunter Type: Black-List Hunter

Primary Nen Name: Phoenix Revolution
Nen Type: Specialist
Description: Phoenix Revolution a unique nen-type that hasn't been seen in a thousand years. The last time it was seen, was for pure destruction. Phoenix Revolution can be used all around for defense, offensive and even support-wise. Such as rising from the ashes when killed, this, however, takes a lot of energy and skill. A basic nen-knowledged person wouldn't be capable of achieving such talents. As well as using flames to burn down any opponent as well as using the ashes to create phoenixes to bomb-dive an enemy, or even using the flames to shield themselves from any oncoming attack. The flames can easily be manipulated to her will for anything she sees fit, or anything she is capable of. Phoenix Revolution has the ability to use its flames to heal wounds as well. Fall short of its flames as an enemy or rise out of its ashes as a friend.

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 4
Norte Estrella
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Zeiya Xei | Flame of Bakara Empty Re: Zeiya Xei | Flame of Bakara

on Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:06 pm
Hi there, Norte here to welcome you to the site and grade your application.

Everything seems to be in order here, although your dislike of spiders is rather troubling. I would however add that any abilities regarding regeneration and resurrection will require some severe limitations to justify the strength of such effects.

As long as that is acceptable, you are approved. Enjoy your Pro Hunter status and time on the site.

By the way, you can still receive a small Jenny bonus for posting in the opening topic.
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