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Shin Katari  Empty Shin Katari

on Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:08 pm
Shin Katari  68340c331ce78709e3ccdad6d371270d

Name: Shin Katari
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Status: Nen user
Nen Type: Transmuter

Faceclaim: Hanzo Shimada - Overwatch
Height: 6'0" | 182 cm
Weight: 185 lbs | 84 kg
Description: Shin is a tall, muscular man with a tan skin tone. His hair is a rich brown with the back tied neatly and his bangs slickly dropping from his forehead, while a goatee lines his chin. Typically, he wears a Japanese style kimono along with hakama (pants) which are bound together at the waist by a blue ribbon. The left side of his kimono is stripped to reveal his dragon tattoo sleeve which runs from his left pectoral down to his forearm. His right hand is covered by a leather yugake glove. He completes this look by covering his feet with the traditional Japanese footwear, geta.

Personality: Nonchalant, intelligent, and pragmatic are just a few of the words one can use to describe Shin's personality. At the age of 27, Shin has lived long enough to develop a pragmatic state of mind, dealing with things in a realistic way others may not. This is further fueled by his keen intelligence. As a result, he is constantly using logic and reasoning at all times. Furthermore, Shin bears a nonchalant demeanor. His body language is often calm, his facial expressions cool, and his thoughts collected. He speaks only if necessary and often uses words others may not understand. This can often lead people to stay clear of him, as it can come off as annoying. However, he enjoys flaunting his knowledge and intellect whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is one of the few things that he finds enjoyable. Despite this however, he is an approachable person.

With regard to combat, Shin can hold his own in hand-to-hand combat and is skilled in his nen use but avoids combat if best possible. He will only engage in combat if necessary and even then, he does not aim to kill. Instead, he prefers his words do the work for him, aiming to persuade his opponent to back out of a fight or to settle for a stalemate of sorts. Essentially, he prefers a war of words as opposed to direct combat. Although, if faced with an opponent he believes he cannot defeat, he will admit it if it means he gets to live another day. After all, words can only get someone so far.

  • Books
  • Liquor
  • Board games
  • Realistic people


  • People who use "slang" words
  • Violence
  • Insects
  • Idealistic people

History: Shin was born into a nomadic family, one that traveled from country-to-country. As a result, he is unaware of his exact birthplace. At the age of three, his parents decided they could no longer care for Shin due to their nomadic lifestyle and as a result, sold him off to an elderly man. This elderly man would become Shin's father, teaching him about his new lifestyle and providing his own education. Shin's mornings would consist of him being taught various lessons and reading books of different kinds. His nights would consist of the elderly man telling stories of his time as a hunter and reading books to Shin. Due to this constant reading, Shin developed a love for books and knowledge, constantly using new words he would read in books. At the age of eight, he had read around hundred books.

Around this time, the elderly man would begin to push his style of life onto Shin, teaching him the difference between realists and idealists. In short, the elderly man had met idealists in his past, all of whom had past away. If they had maintained a realistic approached and executed logic, he believed they would still be alive. As such, he wanted Shin to maintain a realistic point of view in life, telling him to value his life over all. Once this was etched into his mind, he began to learn nen.

It was a grueling process, which involved reading various books and training everyday but at the age of eleven, Shin had begun to understand the basics of nen. At first, it was difficult to understand and get a hold of but with anything, the more he practiced the better he got at it. Now at the age of 27, Shin believes he is a skilled nen user but continues to train, hoping to develop new techniques and learning more about his nen along with the nen of others.
Hunter Type: Knowledge Hunter - Shin has a heavy interest in literature and language, and wants to collect different pieces of literature in order to further develop his knowledge.

Primary Nen Name: Ryūjin
Description: Ryūjin is a transmuter nen type based on the element of lightning. Shin manipulates his aura so his attacks resemble that of a dragon (essentially like Zeno Zoldyck) but are infused with the element of lightning. His attacks can also be emitted for long range coverage. However, despite using the element of lightning, he is not immune to lighting attacks from others.

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 4
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Shin Katari  Empty Re: Shin Katari

on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:32 pm
Approved, but keep in mind you have 6 nen points since you chose not to increase another stat. If you'd like to retract this fact just PM me.

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