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Helping out with Unique Items! Empty Helping out with Unique Items!

on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:59 pm
Hey new users! This is Dysmas, one of the admins of the site. Just popping in to let you guys know about a special thing you all can do to help flesh out the shop - making unique weapons! You see, the weapons shop has two blacksmiths, the younger and older. The younger one deals with the standard, generic sorts of items, user-created included. The older one, however, contains unique items. Unique items are one-time purchasable items in the shop which have attributes that set themselves apart from the regular items in one or more of these ways:

  • Have wildly varying stat distributions from standard items
  • Have restrictions on usability (in return item is much stronger)
  • Have special attributes circumventing rules (extended ranges, extra functions, etc.)
  • Enhanced with nen based super natural abilities (may cost aura to utilize)

As you can see these are very broad guidelines, and as such we'd like to have a wide range of weapons available to purchase right from the get-go. By enlisting all of you to help out, we can make sure we have a large stock of these weapons available to users. With this in mind, here's some general rules on creating these items!

  • Follow the item template (will be posted below) when creating the items.
  • Don't just make incredibly over-powered weapons. While strong weapons are ok, game-breakingly good items obviously aren't acceptable. Aside from this, try to make some items on the weaker side, even better if they have a niche ability that allows them to be powerful in certain situations.
  • If you want, you may take inspiration from items from other fictional settings - just make sure that they are unique enough to warrant it.
  • When you are making items, you are on your honor not to make items specifically for your characters or other's characters. Please make items with a broad appeal.
  • Don't worry about making the item perfectly balanced, the items will be priced by the staff accordingly, and potentially will be tweaked in order to be better. Just having something good to work with is enough.
  • Be creative and have fun! Get really weird with items if you want, these items are supposed to be unique. If the items don't end up useable as a result, it's not that big of a deal. Just put in a decent amount of effort into everyone you make.
  • Don't make any consumable items - however, other than that you can make just about any item. Don't limit yourself to cool weapons, if you want to make armors, or accessories like necklaces or books, or rope, or anything crazy like that, go ahead!

With these rules in mind, you are free to go about making items! Post them as replies to this thread. Depending on how many items you make that end up used, you will be rewarded with IC bonuses that will be determined once we comb through all the submissions. These will include (but are not limited to) XP, Jenni, Aura, and stats. Thanks for your help, and welcome to the site!


Name: Name of Item
Rank: Rank of Item (Would be S for all of these)
Costs: Repair Cost per F/Full Repair Cost
Mass: Mass of object, followed by weight and size
Damage/Durability: Damage and Durability of the item
Other: Any other relevant stat information (clip size, ammo multiplier)
Details: A description of the item
Bonus: Any bonuses which are applied to the item. (This would be the breakdown of special abilities of the weapon, provided they have any)
Nen Enhancement Slots: Amount used/Amount Available (Would be 0/0 for all of these)
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