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Rod Shop / Fishing Info Empty Rod Shop / Fishing Info

on Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:56 pm
Rod Shop / Fishing Info GON%2B%252822%2529


Do you like fishing? Then this spot is the place for you. Long ago, a boy who's name has since been forgotten caught many legendary fish in this lake. Since then, a small shop has opened up to allow any fishers who wish to fish in this lake to buy special rods and bait just for the fish in the water. Due to the sheer popularity of this spot, the whale island town council has decided to only allow fishermen to catch 8 fish a week, the week timer resetting at 1 AM on a Sunday in whale island time (Pacific Time). In addition, the participants must also be on the island in order to fish. You'd think this was obvious, but you never know with some of these nen users about.

To begin fishing, simply post in this thread buying a rod. A moderator will approve your rod purchase, and you can begin your fishing adventure. There are various rods to purchase:

Rod Shop / Fishing Info Bag_Old_Rod_Sprite
Old Rod [1000 Money]
Ability: Red Fish give double EXP.
Durability: 2 uses

Rod Shop / Fishing Info Bag_Good_Rod_Sprite
Good Rod [5000 Money]
Ability: If a yellow fish is within 5 numbers of your roll, you may go to a roll with a yellow fish instead of your current fish.
Durability: 7 uses

Rod Shop / Fishing Info Bag_Super_Rod_Sprite
Super Rod [25,000 Money]
Ability: All blue fish caught will share the same effect as every other fish, essentially giving you all bonuses in one fish. Does not work with any other fish.
Durability: 7 uses

To begin fishing, simply create a thread in the forum. This can be called whatever you like, but it must end with the words "Fishing Spot". This is your own personal fishing spot. From there, roll the 100-sided die with a post stating your rod's durability as shown below:

First Fish:
Stylo wrote:Fishing: Rod Uses: 1

Second Fish:
Stylo wrote:Fishing: Rod Uses: 2

Please note you can roll multiple times in one post, just make sure to state how many times you are rolling. Remember the one-week limit of fish caught, however.

Next, you will look at your roll. See the number? That is the color of fish you have caught. It is then cooked, and can give you various bonuses depending on it's color:

Yellow Fish: Numbers 1-30. Grants you 3000 money when cooked.
Red Fish: Numbers 31-65. Grants you 30 EXP when cooked.
Green Fish: Numbers 66-85. Grants you 10 Aura when cooked.
Blue Fish: Numbers 86-100. Grants you 1 NP when cooked.

Once you catch the fish, simply go to the cooking slab thread and link back to your catch to be rewarded for your freshly cooked fish.

And that's how you fish! Sometimes, there are also sales on rods or even special seasons when Salmon swim through, so make sure to always check back on Whale Island every once in a while!
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