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Basics and Roleplaying

on Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:16 pm

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Re: Basics and Roleplaying

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:30 pm
Basic Regulations

Welcome to Hunter X Hunter RP, a roleplaying forum centered around the universe of the manga/anime series Hunter X Hunter. The purpose of this site is to allow users to have a fun time creating their own characters and interacting with one another in the unique world of Hunter X Hunter. In order to create the best experience for users, there are rules that we expect everyone to abide by in order for the site to run smoothly.

~Code of Conduct:

  • First and foremost, have general courtesy for your fellow users. Everyone on the site deserves a certain level of respect. The standards you will be held to are common sense - refrain from saying anything offensive to others with the intent of hurting their feelings.
  • In a similar vein to the previous rule, don’t harass other users on the site. This can pertain to something sexual, or even just if you are constantly bothering them for an unimportant reason. As a general rule of thumb, if someone asks you to stop doing something, you should respect their opinion.
  • This site is not meant for any erotic content. While it is fine to touch on these themes, no explicit sexual content is tolerated. If you are unsure of whether an action is deemed inappropriate, chances are it is.
  • This site is meant to be a place where people actually role-play. We expect people to actually get involved with the site. It’s fine to take any sort of break from the site; but if you are only on the site to post in out of character discussions or socialize with people in the chatbox then this site might not be the best place for you.
  • If you feel that you are being harassed by a user, your first course of action should be to confront them about their actions and let them know that you are being offended by their actions. If they refuse to respect that, then send a message to a staff member, and it will be brought to the attention of the entire mod team.
  • Breaches of these rules of behavior will be treated seriously. Depending on the severity of the action, you can get a warning or even get banned from the site. Banning is a last resort action, and generally we will try to avoid that outcome - we just want everyone to be able to get along and have fun together.

~Starting on the Site:

  • When making your account for the site, keep in mind that you can only have one character tied to an account at a time. That means if you want to make a separate character to play as in addition to your primary one, you must make an entirely new account. These alternate accounts (“alts”) are just as valid as any other character might be, but keep in mind that you can only choose one account to utilize for certain events.
  • This is a non-canon RP site, which means that there are no characters from the original series being used on here. This extends to players as well - you may not create a character that is already a character in the series. In addition to this, creating a character which is from a different series is also a frowned upon practice. Characters must be original to their creator.
  • The previous rule does not mean you cannot utilize the appearance of a character from other series though - you may choose an appearance for your character based on any fictional character that makes sense, as long as they are not from Hunter X Hunter. That appearance will be linked to your character, and nobody else may use a character someone else is using. If someone is artistically gifted enough to have been able to draw their own character for their face claim, then the use of such is encouraged!
  • Please follow the rules in the character creation section when making your character, in order to have a speedy approval of your character.

~Posting on the Site:

  • It goes without saying that you should do your best to have proper grammar in all your posts. Please make your writing clear to read - e.g. separating big blocks of text into appropriate paragraphs and properly distinguishing dialogue.
  • Please note that practices such as metagaming and godmodding are strictly forbidden on the site and will be punished.
  • Posts should contain at least 100 words each. Anything less than this will be considered invalid and can be voided.
  • The use of 'word generators' and open sources such as the bible cannot be used on this site to fill in any sort of wordcount requirement.

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Re: Basics and Roleplaying

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:40 pm
The Characters

Characters on the site should act to their own accord, and not simply the OOC will of the user. We do not expect you to perfectly act out your character's personality at all times, but do not stray far from what they believe in. If a character is scared of water, don't have them casually swimming in a pool. If a character is always evil and hates all people, don't have them randomly helping a grandma crossing the street.

Characters interact in threads. The threads must be in the town or area you are in, and you are limited to having 5 threads at a time. In addition, there are also [Private] threads that only permitted users can join. You can have up to 2 private threads at any one time

Character death is a thing on the site, however there are a few ways that make it special than other death systems.

1: When characters die, their users can make another character with half the EXP of the old one, as well as keep half of their money that they had on them. That being said, items and nen point allocations are all gone, as are stats.
2: Characters who fear death may create [No-Kill] threads. Please note however that a character can only be in 2 of these threads at a time of their maximum 5 threads.
3: In addition, killing for no reason other than an OOC wish is illegal. Your character must have some sort of reason that aligns with their personality in order to kill another character.

Finally, there is also the case of travel on the forum. In order to move from one location to another, you must simply create a thread with the [Travel] tag. Any travel to any other location is a flat 300 words. Keep in mind that each travel session also takes up 12 hours of in-character time.

The Hunter's Association

The Hunter's Association is the go-to place for all hunters around the world, rookie or pro. From hunters of any kind - gourmet hunters, marine hunters, treasure hunters and more, they can provide many services to both newcomers and those who have obtained their Hunter License. It is run by a president and a council of 12 known as the "Zodiacs", who are powerful and renowned nen users who help manage the organization. There are two types of hunters in the organization: Rookie and Pro. The difference is that Rookie hunters may still be known as hunters and brand themselves as such, however may not access many of the organizations features such as exclusive jobs and information networks. Meanwhile, Pro Hunters can acquire all of this, as well as involve themselves in political matters within the organization.

To become a Pro Hunter, one must first pass the Hunter Exam, which is held every 3 months. While a character can choose to start as either a Pro Hunter or a Rookie Hunter, it is important to note that characters who begin as pros will not obtain a large sum of money that is given to characters who pass the hunter exam. Those who manage to pass the exam manage to obtain amazingly large amounts of cash for succeeding in the exam. Of course, pros can make this much as well, but it usually takes a lot more time and effort for them to make it once again.

In addition to Pro Hunters, there are a group of hunters that can be given a Star Ranking. This ranking means they hold a high place in the organization, and allows them to make more money off missions as well. 2-star Hunters make 50% more off all missions, and 3-star hunters make 100% more off all missions. Of course, finding yourself being a 2-star hunter is already extremely rare, and less than 20 hunters that currently live are 3-star hunters. In order to make it there, you must do a truly admirable deed for the Hunter's Association.
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Re: Basics and Roleplaying

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