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Umona Cassara Empty Umona Cassara

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:48 am
Umona Cassara Umona

Name: Umona Cassara
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Status: Civillian
Nen Type: Emitter

Faceclaim: Houjuu Nue, Touhou
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 130 lbs
Description: Umona has a very skinny body, the kind that seems to make the other kids around her jealous even though she doesn't stay that way on purpose. Her main stature is very small and thin, both of those complimenting each other nicely in an odd sort of way. Though she is small both height and width wise, her depth isn't as small. Umona's chest is somewhat larger than average for her age, rounding off at a very large C or a barely D. Umona's eyes and hair are red and black respectively. She normally has her hair short, never letting it get past her shoulders because it just doesn't feel right to her. Her eyes are naturally red, a trait that she had gotten from her father.

Personality: INFP - The Idealist

Calm: When talking with others or just doing her own thing, people notice that Umona is very calm in almost every situation. This is due mainly to her very lax nature and not really caring about anything or anyone unless she's close to them. Her speech pattern is very monotone too, never really showing any emotion in a conversation.

Clever: When it comes to thinking on the fly, Umona is extremely gifted. While others think that she's just lucky and reckless, Umona thinks that she's just patient. Everything she does has a certain rhythm to it and is executed at a certain time so that it is optimally used.

Artistic: Umona has always been a very artsy child, ever since she was young she was drawing pictures and making paintings. She has made art her life, though it doesn't really come in handy when there are Hunters now as they can make much more money than she does. Nowadays Umona can be seen drawing random pictures in a notebook that she carries on her person, with the images leaning towards the darker side of art.

Honest: This is both a blessing and a curse. On one side, Umona is brutally honest, not being able to hold herself back whenever there is something bad that she has to say. She personally does not like lying to other people, as it breaks the trust that she had or would have had with the person. On the other side, she cannot tell a lie even if it benefits her. If she knows she's doing something wrong and someone were to ask her about it, she would tell them the truth no matter what.

Shy: It's very rare to find Umona socializing with new people. She doesn't like to engage in conversation nor initiate a conversation, most of the time waiting for someone else to come and talk to her. Her father once told her, "Good things come to people who wait." And so she waits. The other kids call her weird and bully her because of this, but she doesn't pay them any mind. That's just fuel to the fire.


✔ Chocolate
✔ Reading
✔ Sleeping
✔ Spiders


✖ Hunters
✖ Heights
✖ Repeating herself
✖ Lectures


Umona was born to an average loving family in Meteor City, so in reality her family was crime filled and disloyal. Most of her family members were either dead or addicted to whatever drug was the craze at the time. On her mother's side was a large crime syndicate run by her father, Umona's grandfather, with a large amount of felonies under their belt. They've committed enough crimes for every member to serve 20 years of jail time. On her father's side was a poor broken family, with him being bribed into marrying the woman he had already loved. Her father was a bodyguard for her mother after the marriage, and they were feared throughout Meteor City for their crimes. Or at least they were.

During Umona's 13th birthday party, which took place at the gang's hideout, the place was raided by one man. Umona was too young at the time to really remember this man's face but she did remember one thing: that he was a Hunter. Since that day Umona has had a hate towards the Hunters of the world, granted that they are still a necessity to the world in some sort of way.

After that day Umona was trusted to her father's sister, who lived in Yorkshun City. It has been there where she has been and had learned how to become a hunter. Granted she hasn't done much to accomplish that goal yet, but one day she will become a hunter and find and kill the man who killed her parents.

Hunter Type: Hunter Hunter: A hunter who finds and kills other Hunters.

Primary Hatsu Name: From The Void (世界の殺人者; The World Slayer)
Description: An emitter type nen, the way it is used is to form various beings, whose appearances can only be described as nightmarish. The monsters are normally dark and have different body structures, while a very select of them have bipedal structures. The closer they are to humans the more dangerous and powerful they are. A special characteristic that all of them have, even the user, is that they can make some sort of rift in space, being 1 dimensional also. This power can be used to not only create but destroy anything it comes in contact with.

Strength: G [Locked]
Speed: D
Durability: G [Locked]
Nen Points: 8

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Umona Cassara Empty Re: Umona Cassara

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:39 pm
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