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Tools and Tips for Character Creation  Empty Tools and Tips for Character Creation

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:06 pm
Hi there, this is your friendly admin Norte here to provide you with some tips and tools that might be useful when creating a character in the HunterxHunter universe. The concepts of Hunters, Nen, and the use of aura can be a tad overwhelming to some newcomers of the series. It is my hope that this guide might be of some assistance to any new member having a bit of trouble with their first step here on HunterxHunter RP. We'll be going over the character application step by step to ensure that someone struggling with any portion of the template can find an easily accessible guideline to assist them. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Basic Info

Name: The world of Hunter x Hunter has been shown to have parallels to many, possibly all, real life cultures as well as some fictional ones. French, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Swahili, names from any type of culture are not uncommon in the Hunter community. We only ask that it be physically pronounceable by humans.

Gender: This one is kind of a hot topic right now, so I'll suggest that you put down whatever your character is most comfortable being identified as. Male or Female are preferred options.

Age: Age is truly just a number in the world of HunterxHunter as two of the most powerful characters were an eleven year old and an over one hundred twenty year old, respectively. Feel free to be as old or young as you want to be, although to maintain full motor function I'd suggest not lowering your age below five.


I'd like to prelude the advice on status with a bit of information on what a Hunter from the world of HunterxHunter is. A profession as a Hunter is a highly sought after position, and so many people dream of becoming one that literally hundreds of thousands of applicants show up to take the exam each year. It is said that only one in every ten thousand applicants even makes it past the trials required to take part in the exam, and even fewer go on to pass. As such, those who have passed the Hunter Exam, and those going into it with confidence that they will pass, are truly elite individuals with immense skill and physical prowess. Almost everyone in the world knows of the Hunter Association, and over fifty of the top one hundred richest people listed annually are Hunters.

Status: Status is basically the position your character initially starts with on their road to becoming a Hunter. A Civilian hasn't passed the exam or learned Nen, a Nen User is a character who has learned Nen but has not passed the exam, a Rookie Hunter has passed the exam but has not learned Nen, and a Pro Hunter has both passed the exam and learned to use Nen. For a more complete explanation of each of these roles, please see the spoiler below. The OOC Bonuses and rules for these roles is listed Here, under Character Status.

Status Descriptions:
Civilian: A civilian is merely someone who doesn't know about Nen, and is not limited to being an average citizen in society. These characters can be mercenaries, doctors, businessmen, soldiers, musicians, pro athletes, or even royalty from small countries. They might have even taken the Hunter Exam in the past, but failed for whatever reason. However, due to the nature of the systems and events on the site, it is not recommended to create a character who will never be interested in becoming a Hunter, or at least learning Nen somehow.

Nen User: Nen Users are characters who have not passed the Hunter Exam and obtained their licence, but have become able to use Nen through either instruction or initiation. This might have happened very recently, when they were young, or in extremely rare cases at birth. They may have not developed their Hatsu ability yet, but they will likely have the ability to use basic Nen moves like Ren and Ten.

Rookie Hunter: A Rookie Hunter is a character who has passed the Hunter Exam and can not use Nen. To the general public, there is no difference between a Rookie Hunter and a Pro Hunter, but among Pro Hunters they will be seen as somewhat of a novice, and many employers will not hire Hunters who do not have the ability to use Nen. Rookie Hunters will have to seek out an instructor to help them unlock their Aura Nodes, or have them forcibly opened through Initiation. When trying to find an instructor, the Hunter Website available only to those with a Hunter licence can be of great help.

Pro Hunter: A Pro Hunter has both learned to use Nen and proven themselves by passing the Hunter Exam. This is an incredibly prestigious position, and the amount of people that can claim this occupation only number in the several hundreds. Pro Hunters are all colleagues and rivals with one another, aiming to progress the field of their personal "Hunter Profession". Pro Hunters who make significant gains in their individual fields can be granted "Stars", or higher rankings in the Hunter Association. Hunters in this group are also the ones whom will be contacted by the Association when the need for skilled operatives is necessary.

Your Nen Type

Nen is a subject that only a small portion of the population is aware of. Few people outside of Hunters and the elite of society whom might wish to take Hunters under their employ as mercenaries, bodyguards, or assassins are aware of Nen's existence. Many skilled and talented people in the sports, art, craft and talent industry unconsciously use Nen in their own work to enhance their abilities to what many would consider superhuman, but this is a subconscious ability that they are often not aware of themselves. Those who wish to use Nen willfully and to a more powerful extent, they must learn to open their "Aura Nodes". There are two ways to do this. The first method involves learning from an instructor, who will gently jolt the nodes with his own aura in order to open them and allow aura to naturally flow out. This process is lengthy but essentially harmless. The second method is known as "Initiation", and is frowned upon in the Hunter community for its danger to the student. The process involves jolting the whole body with a large force of aura to open the nodes forcibly, but inexperience or malicious intent of the user can lead to injury, or even the death, of the student.

Nen Type: Your primary Nen type is a section of the application which requires only one word to complete, but it is also one of the most important pieces of your character because it will determine how easily they learn different Nen types and passive what bonuses they will receive when creating their Hatsu techniques. While you can invest Nen points into other Nen types to add their qualities to your ability, you can not change your primary type after character creation. With that said, it is best to make an informed decision regarding your type and you will find examples for all Nen types in the spoiler below.

Nen Types:
Enhancer: Enhancers are the most adept at using their aura to increase their own offensive and defensive power, as well as that of their weapons. Want to rampage around with Hulk like strength, become the most powerful swordsman, be more flexible than anyone else, or spit your saliva with the strength of a bullet? Enhancement is the primary Nen for you. This is also arguably the best choice for characters hoping to focus on the basic Nen moves, as Enhancement's bonuses reduce the aura cost of some of these abilities.

Transmuter: Transmuters are Nen users who are able to give their aura qualities it would otherwise be unable to imitate. The ability to make their aura hot, cold, heavy, light, dark, acidic, elastic, to emulate fire, lightning,
wind, strings, gum, and all other manner of different things; these are the types of abilities Transmuters are able to utilize.Qualities can also be combined in some cases, allowing for unpredictable and highly versatile Nen abilities.

Manipulator:  Manipulators are capable of using their Nen to control the actions of objects, animals, their own emitted or conjured aura, or even other humans. Specific examples of manipulator hatsus would include manipulating blades, rocks, strips of cloth, dogs, birds, insects, emitted Nen beasts or projectiles, a conjured weapon or item, or with the right limitations, enemy Nen users. Manipulators are the most efficient at maintaining their techniques for long periods of time due to their reduced aura sustain costs.

Emitter: Normally when separated from the body, Aura dissipates very quickly and is difficult to maintain over long distances. Emitters are exceptional at separating Aura from their body and maintaining its abilities for long distances and periods of time. If you want to launch massive energy beams, rapid fire long range blasts, or propel yourself through the air with your own aura, Emission is the Nen type that will allow you to do so. Emission can also be used to form Nen Beasts with peculiar abilities with their own aura, but such abilities also require the use of manipulation to control them as they are not sentient.

Conjurer: Conjurers specialize in forming real material objects or creatures with their own aura. Conjuration is highly dependent on limitations to increase the strength of its abilities, and can result in very complex Hatsu techniques. Possible applications of conjuring include weapons, armors, shields, unique organisms, accessories, toys, or even entire pocket dimensions. Limitations can range from dances, phrases, or specific actions required to summon the conjuration, restrictions on the ways it can be used such as a sword that can only be swung once before being put back into its sheathe, or limitations on when it can be used or who it can be used on. This is the only type of Nen ability that can be seen by people who cannot use Nen.

Specialist: Hatsu techniques used by Specialists don't fall under any of the other Nen types. These abilities include things like stealing or using the abilities of other Nen Users, affecting or transferring the memories of other Nen users, becoming undetectable by any means, or anything else that exceeds the limitations and scope of the other Nen types. Because of the unique nature of these abilities, their bonuses are usually specific to the individual and it is nigh impossible for Primary users of other types to become specialists.


Faceclaim: Choose an anime or manga character with which you'd like to represent your character's appearance. You are also welcome to use an original artwork for your Faceclaim, so long as your avatar is still sized within regulations. Note that Faceclaims from HunterxHunter will not be accepted.

Height: Characters from HunterxHunter generally have heights in line with humans from our own world, although there are exceptions. Any abnormally short or tall characters will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Weight: Characters from HunterxHunter also weigh similarly to normal humans, but again, there are exceptions. Please keep your weight in line with your body size, however.

Description: In this section you should describe how your character normally looks in their everyday life. Common subjects include what type of clothes they wear, what their features look like, the color of their hair and eyes, and other physical descriptors. This can also include things like what their voice sounds like, and how they use body language to express themselves.

Personality, Likes, and Dislikes

Personality: Characters from HunterxHunter have as widely varied personalities as the people in our own world, although the secret and exploration centered world might make them more adventurous as a whole. When writing your personality, try to remember that everyone has flaws as well as good points and that it's good to flesh these out so that our characters seem more human. Also, don't forget that the purpose here is for everyone to have fun, so make a character that you'll have fun RP'ing with and hopefully everyone will have fun RP'ing with you.

For those of you who already have an idea of what type of Nen you'd like to use, but are having trouble coming up with a character, there is an interesting theory that one of the canon characters, Hisoka, came up with. He believes that you can commonly assume a person's Nen type from their personality, or vice versa. This method is not always accurate, and could be compared to Horoscopes, or guessing by someone's blood type. Please do not feel as if you have to conform to these examples, but rather use them if you're having trouble or if you'd just like to give in to the stereotypes.

Nen Personality Test (From HxHWikia):
Enhancers are determined and simple. Most of them never lie, hide nothing, and are very straightforward in their actions or in their thinking. Their words and actions are often dominated by their feelings. They are generally very selfish and focused on their goals. This is reflected in their Nen as enhancers typically rely on simple and uncomplicated Hatsu techniques.

Transmuters are whimsical and prone to deceit. Transmutation users have unique attitudes, and many are regarded as weirdos or tricksters. Often they put forth a facade while hiding the truer aspects of their personalities. Even when they don't hide their personalities they rarely reveal their true intentions. Many Transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities.

Emitters are impatient, not detail-oriented, and quick to react in a volatile manner. Many of them are quick-tempered and hot-blooded. They resemble the Enhancers in building their impulsivity, but the difference with them, they probably tend to calm down and forget easier. Because of the nature of Emission, many Hatsu techniques created by emitters are primarily long range.

Conjurers are typically high-strung or overly serious and stoic. They are often on guard as to be cautious. They are very observant and logical, rarely falling into traps. Being able to analyze things calmly is the strength of Conjurers. Many of the items that conjurers create are often used by them in a very deliberate and practical, logical fashion.

Manipulators are logical people who advance at their own pace.They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it. While manipulators often use techniques that allow them to control their opponents they also prefer to use an inanimate medium to control that can be used versatility (such as smoke or pieces of paper hardened with Shu).

Specialists are individualistic and charismatic. They won't tell you anything important on them, and refrain from being close friends, but, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. Because Specialization is unique and can have many facets, most Specialists possess only one Hatsu technique.

Likes: What does your character like? Personality types, food, hobbies, colors, certain animals? Maybe you like verbal abuse and moldy cheese, we're not here to judge.

Dislikes: What does your character dislike? What makes them afraid, do they have a previous trauma, are there smells they avoid, or foods they hate? Nobody likes everything, so think of at least three things your character can't stand.

History and Occupation

History: The world of HunterxHunter might be largely unexplored, but it still mirrors our own in many ways. There are astronauts, bakers, rich people, poor people, politicians, businessmen, and many other professions found in modern day society. There are also secret societies, undiscovered tribal villages, isolationist nations, developing areas, nomadic peoples, and all other manner of backgrounds from which a person could originate. There is still large scale conflict, countries still use soldiers to wage war, rebellions spark, crime happens. The world is not perfect and many histories reflect that. On the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable to have a normal and peaceful childhood while still walking the road towards being a Pro Hunter.

Hunter Type: Every Pro Hunter has a field that they specialize in, and that they hope to advance through their own efforts. While Pro Hunters might be requested to help the Association itself for various reasons and they are all required to abide by the rules of the Association and vote in its Chairman elections, there is little else that their duties share in common. The skill set of any one Hunter can differ massively from another, with some Hunters working as accomplished doctors, mercenaries, talent scouts, private investigators, or explorers. Your character's Hunter Type should be something that they themselves are passionate about and is by no means limited to those listed here.

  • Black-List Hunters: Hunters who pursue and capture wanted criminals in order to bring them to justice.

  • Crime Hunters: Hunters who attempt to unravel the secrets behind mysterious, seemingly impossible cases.

  • Jackpot Hunters: Hunters whose only goal is to make large amounts of money off contracted jobs.

  • Virus Hunters: Hunters who constantly search out new cures and vaccines for diseases and viruses.

  • Archaeological Hunters: Hunters who search out ancient ruins and lost civilizations.

  • Gourmet Hunters: Hunters who seek out rare and tasty ingredients which they use to further existing culinary technology.

  • Hacker Hunters: Hunters who specialize in solving cyber crimes and bypassing digital security.

  • Treasure Hunters: Hunters who scour the globe in search of jewels or other valuables.

  • Just about any other Hunter type you can think of.

Your Hatsu

Primary Hatsu Name: The names of Hatsu abilities are extremely varied and usually tailored to the user's tastes, but always have some relevancy to the uses of the ability. The only other real similarity between them is that they all sound really cool. Impress us with your epic nomenclature skills! No pressure! Please note that even as a Nen User, you don't need to have already developed your Hatsu and can do so later In Character.

Description: A Hatsu ability is a unique power developed from the user's own Nen, almost always based around that user's Primary Nen type. These abilities are unique to each user, and are developed from their own personal experiences and feelings. The connections they have with their ability could be as simple as mimicking something the user treasured as a child, to being deeply entwined with a life's work or an extreme trauma experienced when the user was younger. That said, not all abilities have to entwine with a character's history, and some are plucked straight from their imagination or are an embodiment of their personality or desires. The possibilities have very few limits, and creativity and unique ideas are encouraged. Staff will do their best to balance abilities while keeping it as close to the original vision as possible. Once again, it is not required to start out with your Hatsu ability.

Physical Stats and Nen Points

Strength: Strength will determine both the physical damage that your character is capable of putting out without the use of Aura, as well as their ability to carry more equipment and wield larger weapons.

Speed: Speed will determine how quickly your character is able to move around the battlefield. Please note that this is the user's maximum speed when sprinting, and to reach these speeds instantly from a static position would require the use of aura.

Durability: Durability determines both a character's resistance to physical attacks, as well as their general endurance and ability to take punishment while still remaining standing.

Nen Points: Nen Points are used to further develop a user's proficiency in using their aura. It can be spent on generic moves that are available to everyone, or to rank up in Hatsu proficiency, granting passive buffs and the ability to mix other types into your primary ability.

The Rules for Physical Stats can be found Here, under Player Stats. and you can find information on how to spend your Nen points Here, under Basic Nen Moves.

I hope that this guide has been helpful to those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of HunterxHunter, or those of you who just wanted some easily accessible supplementary information to help with character creation.
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