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Coeus H. Aokiji  Empty Coeus H. Aokiji

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:02 pm
Coeus H. Aokiji  Crowley_eusford__owari_no_seraph__minimalism_by_greenmapple17-d8zbgwe

Name: Coeus H. Aoikiji
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Status: Pro Hunter
Nen Type: Transmuter

Faceclaim: Crowley | Owari no Seraph
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs

Coeus H. Aokiji  Tumblr_nprfu8ybRF1tgdh9fo1_1280

Coeus is known to be a very handsome young man, getting most of his good looking features from his mothers side of the family. He is a man that stands at a more than average height at six foot one, one of the few traits that he actually got from his father. Along with his height comes his weight which stands at 200 lbs, thanks to his constant traveling, working out and good genetics most of it comes in the form of muscle. His build, as basically stated, is that of a very muscular man with his arms, legs, and pecks showing it even with clothes on. His hair is a rather unique but the hair he was born with having maroon colored bangs and the rest being that of a dark brown color, having most of his hair put into a braid. Coeus's eyes are the color of blood with reptile like pupils which are featured with fang like canines and pointed ears, making many people assume he isn't human at times. His clothing of choice is weird in many senses, starting off with the white army shirt, which looks similar to a trench coat in design, that is left unbuttoned at the top to show off his beautiful chest, that is matched with firm fitting white pants. A black sleeve and black glove cover his right arm which fastens the black, mid-way down his back purple, cape that hangs from his left shoulder but is also connected to his right should. His white pants are tucked into below the knee boots that are black in color with a four inch white heel and white toes.


Most people would describe Coeus to be that of a person who is carefree and a give no fuck attitude. He does not care who says what to or about him if it doesn't benefit him or tell him anything worth while. Coeus is not the one too just go with the flow of things usually, mainly to cause some kind of conflict or make someone mad, and does his own thing when he wants. However he will go with the flow if he feels like the people he is with are actually worth his time. Due to thinking many people are not worth his time, it is hard for him to make any actual allies and friends. They believe his disposition is very rude and just down right unapproachable. However, there is a rare case when he actually finds someone to call them friends, he usually finds them to be worth his time and are benefiting him in other ways. Most of the time it is benefiting him through the use of their cooperation to gain him something that he wants or he generally likes them by some rare chance.

Coeus spends most of his time in his head, thinking of multiple things at once with his most favorite thing to think about is causing trouble. He has a bad habit of even responding to others in his head without actually saying the words, leaving the person hanging and very upset. The young man is also known to say whatever it is that is on his mind if he really wants too, typically not caring for any feelings or precautions towards others. Besides having a bad habit of being stuck in his head, Coeus loves to start any kind of trouble that he can. This comes from the fact that he had lived in poverty and only knew how to stay alive by causing some kind of trouble, which was mainly   By being a bandit as a child. He still loves to cause trouble by stealing something of value or anything that he likes but he will usually go above and beyond if he finds something that will truly be amusing to him. The days that he doesn't cause trouble where he is or somewhere else is when he is relaxing.

* Any kind of food
* Causing trouble
* Thinking
* Annoying people
* Hero wannabes
* Bugs


The life and history of Coeus H. Aokiji has never been documented within his current world as he was born in the dark continent, a place that does not appear on the worlds map. He was not born in the city of humans, Mobius but rather on a traveling expedition that his mother and father had taken to find the magical beast within the dark continent. His mother and father where aiding that of travelers from the known world but due to the harshness of the wildlife, many of the travelers died and so did Coeus's father. A few days after the death of her husband, Coeus's mother had finally given birth to him with the aid of the remaining travelers. However during the birth, their camp was attacked and his mother was forced to push him out at an unnatural speed so that the newborn wouldn't be caught with the magical beast that attacked. She died after giving birth to Coeus who was now given to one of the explorers who went by the name of Ildai. After a week of exploring through the harsh dark continent and escaping from life or death situations with the new born, finally found the ship that he and his companions had shown up on. Sadly, he along with baby Coeus where the sole survivors of the trip and set off back to the Ildai's word better known as the known world.

While on his way back from the dark continent, Ildai found out that he had contracted a disease that would probably not have a cure in his world. Much to Ildai's relief, the baby seemed to be immune to the disease and could survive around the sick man till he was deposited somewhere safe. Before dying from the sickness, Ildai dropped off the baby Coeus to a place closet to where they had arrived by in the known world and that was Meteor city. He left the baby in one of the most populated places of meteor city but was left out on the streets for days, no one paying attention to him till one faithful day. One faithful day he was found by someone but it was a homeless couple who where from the worst part of meteor city that saw a child in need. They took him to their part of the city and raised him till he was about five, where they died from being beaten by a frighteningly power man. This left Coeus on his own again, making him have to grow up and take care of himself by any means. He did this by stealing anything that was needed for him to live like food, clothes, and personal hygiene supplies. In most occasions he was caught stealing and was beaten to near death but through his sheer will to live, he survived all his near death beatings.

Eventually when Coeus reached age fourteen, he left meteor city and traveled the world he had always heard about but never had actually seen. This is where he was finally introduced to the world of hunters and nen, vowing to himself one day earn the right to be a hunter and use the power of nen. Over the next few years he had eventually decided to take the exam to become a hunter and actually managed to pass the test, becoming a full fledge hunter at the ripe age of seventeen. Using his powers as a hunter he traveled the world doing whatever he wanted, mainly causing trouble, as well as fulfilling his duty of hunting down precious information from around the world.

Hunter Type: Information Hunter

Primary Hatsu Name: -
Description: -

Strength: F
Speed: F
Durability: F
Nen Points: 6

Referral: N/A

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Coeus H. Aokiji  Empty Re: Coeus H. Aokiji

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:16 pm
Hi there, Norte here to grade your application.

First off, I see that you've already rolled the Nen wheel so go ahead and choose one of the results you got as your Primary Nen Type.

Secondly and finally, you receive 1 stat point at character creation which you could use to increase any one of your physical stats to E, or you could choose to trade it for an extra 10 aura and two nen points to start out with.

Once you've chosen both of those things, please bump for approval.
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Coeus H. Aokiji  Empty Re: Coeus H. Aokiji

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:59 am
Bumpy bump
Norte Estrella
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Coeus H. Aokiji  Empty Re: Coeus H. Aokiji

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:51 am
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Coeus H. Aokiji  Empty Re: Coeus H. Aokiji

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