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Damian Crane Empty Damian Crane

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:38 pm
Damian Crane V6IGu1y

Name: Damian Crane
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Status: Civillian
Nen Type: Emitter

Faceclaim: 2D - Gorillaz
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150
Description: Damian is a gangly, odd looking sort of fellow. He's the sort of person that most subconsciously steer away from when walking close to him. He has turquoise blue hair, which he swears is natural, thick black eyebrows, and even blacker eyes. There's always a little bit of scruff on his upper lip, and his hair is always a bit unkempt. He looks as though he's given up on life - his eyes are always barely kept open, dark bags underneath them. His perpetual slouch only serves to add into this image. The clothes he wears reflect his general vibe, always wrinkled, ripped, and dirty. It's clear he doesn't take care of himself.

Personality: When interacting with Damian, it’s clear that he’s a little off. It might be his casual, uncaring attitude towards just about everything, or his almost childlike naivety, or his bumbling, klutzy nature. The phrase often used to describe him by those who have a disdain for him is “dim-witted.” It’s true that Damian isn’t the smartest guy out there, but he isn’t as donkey brained as some might think. He has an almost hidden genius to him, which shows itself in the strangest opportunity. He sees things a different way, and though sometimes he makes little sense, there is sometimes a deeper truth behind his words. Damian has a very friendly, soft-spoken manner to him. He doesn’t like to engage in fights, often trying to talk people down instead of escalating conflict. Though pleasant once you get to know him, Damian is a bit of an acquired taste - his unconventional way of thinking and his less than optimal charisma don’t do him any favors when interacting with others, despite his good intentions. Though he has never been seen to get angry with someone, those who spend a lot of time with him might get a little nervous when things go South. Damian doesn’t react much to pressure, and his dismissive, almost nihilistic view of things makes you wonder what would happen if he ever did snap. However, the chances of that are unlikely - he doesn’t have enough energy or passion to really get worked up over something. When you get down to it, he’s a very empty person without much of a connection to anyone in the world. The only thing he really has are the sights he sees on his travels, and that’s enough for him.

  • Traveling: Damian loves seeing what the world has to offer, and does his best to explore as much as he can. By aiming to become a hunter he hopes to be able to gain access to even more areas of the world, and have an easier time getting from place to place.
  • Relaxing: Though Damian loves going everywhere he can, he goes at his own pace. Which is slow, very slow. Damian takes his time, stopping to smell the roses, and then napping next to them for a few days. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess.
  • Music: Though maybe not the most gifted musician, Damian has an interest in the fine art. When he thinks he's alone he'll generally hum quietly to himself. He hums a lot.
  • Magic Tricks: Damian carries with him a deck of cards at all times, on the off chance that he gets a chance to demonstrate his "psychic" ability to figure out what card was drawn. Though he barely ever guesses right, he has confidence that one day he'll be able to pull it off.
  • Spiders: Damian usually isn't a big fan of creepy-crawlies, but spiders are the exception. There's something special about the graceful way they move, the elegance of their webs, and the crucial role they play in thinning down bug populations. If he had to pick a favorite spider he would have to go with tarantulas, because they are big and furry, and seem like they would be fun to have crawling on him.


  • Shrill Sounds: Damian gets shivers down his spine every time he hears grating noises, like chalk on a chalkboard, or metal scraping against metal, or country music.
  • Bees: The idea of swarming insects with venomous stings coming after him terrifies Damian. If he knew any better, he would be more afraid of wasps - he doesn’t know the difference between them though.
  • Guns: While he isn’t cripplingly afraid of guns, he gets very nervous in situations involving them. Those things are incredibly dangerous, and would really cause anyone to break out into a cold sweat when staring down a barrel.
  • Existential Dread: Who are we in this vast world? What is the point of existence in this cruel universe, where violent death is commonplace and nowhere is truly safe? Are we even real, or are we just figments of the imagination of being of higher power? These are the questions that keep Damian up at night - he does his best not to ponder them too much.
  • Coffee: A little too bitter.

History: Damian doesn’t have a very interesting history. He was born and raised in a small slummy neighborhood in a big city in the United States of Saherta. He was one of the middle children in a large family, and thus never really got too much focus as the years went on. His nonchalant, dismissive, and slightly dimwitted attitude didn’t do him any favors either - he dropped out of high school and worked low-wage jobs to attempt to do his part. As time went on, he eventually was practically pushed out of the house to support himself, which didn’t work out for him. He wound up homeless, until through a series of coincidences and silly mistakes he wound up a member of a gang. He played a role in a bunch of operations with the group - mainly robberies - which he somehow narrowly avoided ruining every single time. After a heist finally went wrong, resulting in the damage to Damian's face which blacked out his eyes, the gang realized he was more of a detriment to them than an asset, and ran him out of town. Out on the road with nothing but the clothes on his back, Damian decided that maybe this was the life he wanted; to be free of any responsibility, and simply wander aimlessly around the world. Of course, he soon realized that he would never truly be free to wander without some means of supporting himself. The solution to this problem arose when he found out about hunters, an independent organization which hinged upon supporting its members in whatever endeavors they might have. With this in mind, Damian set off to figure out how to become one - traveling across the country in the process. His end goal once he becomes a hunter is to be able to travel to all sorts of other continents, and maybe whatever lies beyond them.
Hunter Type: World Hunter: Damian aspires to become a world hunter, "hunting" various locations across the globe.

Primary Hatsu Name: N/A
Description: N/A

Strength: E
Speed: F
Durability: D
Nen Points: 4
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Damian Crane Empty Re: Damian Crane

on Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:11 pm
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